Friday, March 10, 2017

Kristen at the 'Personal Shopper' Q&As at the Landmark and Arclight in LA - 10 March 2017


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  • "The joy of creation is externalizing something you feel internally. But then there's the fear of 'What if I'm wrong?'" #KristenStewart
  •  “#PersonalShopper is about things we’ll never totally pin down, about our changing relationship w/ reality & spirituality.” Kristen Stwart
  •  "It was hard. So hard. I've never played a character that is so totally lonely." #KristenStewart on her character in #PersonalShopper

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Landmark Los Angeles
  • "[Olivier Assayas] just pushes me without words; he captures the best of me." -actress #KristenStewart on #PersonalShopper
  •  "Are spirits real to you?" 
  • "I don't know!" -actress #KristenStewart on #PersonalShopper
  •  "Whatever's real for you in a moment, is reality." -actress #KristenStewart on #PersonalShopper
  •  "I was externalizing the most internal thing; I didn't know if it was coming across." -actress #KristenStewart on #PersonalShopper
  •  "There was no way to prepare [for the role]" -actress #KristenStewart on #PersonalShopper
  • Said she and Olivier are planning on working together again
  • Said she agrees with the thoughts the Vulture writer had about the PS ending.
  • "Whatever is real to you, defines reality" - K
  • She had asked Olivier what he was most scared of so she can imagine it to be scared for the scene, she ended up thinking of something else
  • LMAO she just said Olivier is afraid of birds.
  • Was expecting the ghost to not be as cgi as it was
  • Was scared that it was just going to be boring.
  • Talks about how she was nervous and her hands were so shaky during the texting scene in the train.

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