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Wyck Godfrey's RC Interview Mentions Kristen and the Birth Scene

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Quotes: Anne Marie Santos talks about Kristen in "One & Only"

Anne Marie Santos (Lu Anne Henderson's daughter) talks about Kristen in "One and Only".

On the way Kristen Stewart looks like Lu Anne Henderson : 
''She's totally opposite of my mother in so many ways.''

Extract from One & Only,p.230, authorization given to Ontheroad-themovie by Viva Editions (C)

Anne Marie Santos : 
''I found that Kristen is very, very committed to the part, that she wants to represent my mother in her own right, not as ''a shadow of the boys'', as she put it.''

 Kristen Stewart :
 ''I have the original book where I highlighted the parts of Marylou. [...] My curiosity about Lu Anne didn't just come up when Walter Salles asked me to read for the part.''

Santos on Kristen and role models :
 ''She was looking for someone ''who had already done it''- by which she meant a young woman who'd also struck out on her own at a very young age.'' ''Kristen is not just playing Marylou. She is playing Lu Anne.”

On Kristen's preparation for the part : 
''Kristen told me that when she listened to the tapes of Lu Anne telling her story, that was the moment when Marylou became Lu Anne for her.''

Santos :
 ''Kristen is a very feeling young woman. She's only a girl of 20 years, but when she is researching a part, she goes all the way into it.''

Kristen Stewart on the On The Road movie : '
'Some of the scenes are pretty rough now. Don't be shocked when you see them. You know the story, but the way we are doing it is pretty graphic and pretty rough.''

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You can purchase the book from several retailers, however here are a few suggestions:

1. The publishers Viva Editions

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Kristen's Interview with My Fox DC

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Nick Frost talks about Kristen & working on SWATH

Frost is having a ball filming his scenes as one of the dwarfs in the big-budget fantasy adventure film Snow White and the Huntsman - a dark new take on the classic tale that Frost says is closer to Saving Private Ryan than the Disney version.

"It's probably one of the best things I've ever done," he says. "All the dwarfs, and Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth literally sit around laughing all day. It's one of those jobs where you think, 'Why are they paying me?' "

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Carolina Herrera Interview on designing Bella’s wedding gown with International Herald Tribune/NYTimes

Video: Charlize Theron talks about Kristen & SWATH (MTV)

"I'm still shooting ['Huntsman'], I'm going back in two days," Theron told us as she promoted the comedy "Young Adult." "I haven't really worked with [Kristen]. I've done some small things with her, but we're about to shoot our big showdown, and fingers crossed for me. It's the big battle. I'm just really, really, really hoping I get to kill her," she said with a smile. "That is how the story ends up, right?"

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New 'Breaking Dawn' movie stills

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BD's costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, talks about Kristen

That dress was stunning. I went to the midnight screening and it was an entire theater filled to the gills with girls sighing in unison. The lace panel in the back with hundreds of covered buttons, we all swooned.

That’s the great thing about Kristen, she has such an amazing physique so we thought the best thing to do was to show that. The dress really reveals curves and highlights each part of her shape but it’s all covered up and so we thought it was sexy but completely elegant.

Speaking of textures and shapes, you know what was highly entertaining? Watching Bella arch her back and awkwardly prancing around in lingerie trying to entice Edward in that honeymoon montage.
That was such a fun moment because once you get to know Kristen, just the idea of her slipping into something black and lacy is hilarious. She has a physical aversion to it, she’s definitely your jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I think she really didn’t find it hard to act those scenes because there’s a lot of Kristen there. And also there’s something so playful about Alice packing her bags and planting those items in her suitcase. It’s so cute.

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Carolina Herrera Talks about Kristen & Bella’s Wedding Gown with Brides Magazine

"In the initial fitting when Kristen put the dress on and looked in the mirror, she was very moved," Carolina Herrera told Vogue in an interview. "In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film, she was a bride, and a happy one at that. It is always very important to make the bride happy, of course, and in this case I was delighted to do so. It was a very special moment for both Kristen and the character of Bella to share."

"I was of course inspired by Stephenie's description of the gown in the book, but I added the touch of Herrera and also took into consideration the personality and the style of the bride," said Herrera. "A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman - it must reflect the personality and style of the bride. Bella's dress is romantic and filled with a timeless sophistication, very similar to the character. In a way, this dress served as a symbol of the character's coming of age and introduction into womanhood."

"It is always a unique process to design a wedding because every bride is different; the dress always has to be special because it is the most important day in the life of a woman. I tried doing that with this dress, but this one of course is totally different because at the end it's a film - a cultural phenomenon. Millions of people are going to watch and it had to be precise."

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Video: Kristen's Interview with Screengeek

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Viggo Mortensen talks to BuzzSugar about 'On the Road' & working with Kristen

BuzzSugar: One of your next films coming out is On the Road. How was it filming that movie with Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, and Tom Sturridge?
Viggo Mortensen: Of the three actors you mention, I only worked with Kristen Stewart, who did a great job with her character from what I could see. Walter Salles, the director, has a light touch and is very kind, extremely intelligent, and very helpful with the actors. Great crew on that shoot. The images I have seen are strikingly beautiful; they really capture post-WW2 USA landscapes, people.

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Video: Kristen, Rob and Taylor''s Interview with Polsat

I: How do you cope with such popularity when thousands of people are screaming your name?

Rob: It's nice, but it's part of our job. Besides premieres and promo time it's quite calm, we can live our normal lives.

I: Did you expect that this film would be a huge success all over the world?

Rob: Not at all. The first film had a really low budget, it was an indie, nobody expected this craziness. Then it exploded. In two weeks our lives changed so much.

I: Everything that happened next was a surprise for you?

Rob: Yeah, totally.
Taylor: It's so wonderful to meet this family - my mates from set and the fans.

I: It's nearly the end of the saga. Are you happy or will you miss Bella?

Kristen: Well, I feel really lucky and I have no regrets. Sometimes it's hard to leave something behind if you're part of it for such a long time.
I love this set, I love the memories. I'd like to have an open door and see a light there to be able to reminisce this adventure back.

Taylor: It's cool that we, actors, can start to make other movies now. But I'll miss this.

I: What will you miss the most?
Taylor: We got along with each other. I treat this crew like my family. The saga brought so much joy to us.
Kristen: Special greetings for you. I hope you'll enjoy the film.Taylor: Thank you so much and have fun watching Breaking Dawn.

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Kristen's GQ UK cover and outtake now in HQ

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Photos: HQ Breaking Dawn wedding stills

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Kristen's interview with

Watch the interview here at the source

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Kristen's Interview with Every Day Fox31 Denver

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Video: Bill Condon & Taylor talk about Kristen (BravoTV)

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Video: Rob mentions Kristen with Mä "I'm a big fan of Kristen..."

"I'm a big fan of Kristen, and I was before [Twilight]"

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'Breaking Dawn' in SFX Magazine (HQ scans)

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Scan: Kristen's Glamour Mexico Cover


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Kristen's Interview with Now Magazine

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Video: Kristen's interview with VTV1

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