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New/old behind-the-scenes photo of Kristen on the "Eclipse" set

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#4YearsOfEclipse From my photo archives - never been seen before - 
preparing for that schoolyard scene.. 

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New/old fan photos of Kristen at the 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' London premiere (November 2012)

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New/old photo of Kristen with Cole

Kristen Stewart and furry friend. #theselfieissue #kristenstewart #selfieexclusive

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Olivier Assayas talks about Kristen with 'Latercera'

"I wanted to work with Kristen Stewart. I've always liked what she does, and when I met her I felt a very strong prescense," he recognizes. "When I proposed to her the part, I thought she wouldn't do it and that it would be delicate for someone so popular. The movie talks about just that, the culture of the celebrities. But it was the opposite, I think she liked the idea of the perspective," he adds.

He also ensures it didn't even crossed his mind that her prescense could distract from the real focus of the movie. "[In this movie] she's so different than what we always see of her in Hollywood. She [Stewart] is an impressive actress and I was lucky to have done a movie with her in this moment of her career. It's beautiful seeing an actress say 'Can I try this or that, Is this allowed'."

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[The full interview by Olivier Assayas can be read by clicking on the 'translation' link]

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New/old fan photo of Kristen (March 2014)

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alliheathe I still can't believe Kristen Stewart filmed in Long Beach! 

During 'Still Alice' filming in March 2014.

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Tara Swennen talks about Kristen

You’ve put Kristen Stewart in sneakers on the red carpet. Was this her idea or yours? And how did you feel about the look as a whole?

Originally, the appearance of Kristen’s sneakers on carpets came from a place of necessity. She was constantly getting hurt on set, as she loves to do her own stunts, but she truly is an everyday T-shirt-and-jeans girl like myself. So we embraced it and it became part of her look.

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Cherie Currie makes a 'Dragon Bench' for Kristen

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Kristen Stewart's Dragon Bench

This is a bench I finished friday (6/20/14) from a fossilized (hard as cement) olive root that was uncovered on Kristen's hillside home. I have never carved wood as hard as this. We met many problems with dirt, rocks (which kills a sharp chain) roots that told me what I could and could not do and the heat was a challenge (100+ some days). No better way to get back in the game then to do something so difficult. To find a Dragon in this root and make it a functional lounge bench is something I am so proud of... and it's comfortable too! Coating it next week and the finish will be stunning! ;-)

Check out the making of the 'Dragon Bench' for Kristen at Cherie Currie's Facebook (Source).

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Juliette Binoche joins the cast of 'The Big Shoe'

Women's Wear Daily However, the “Twilight” star has gotten over her initial fear of working with French actress Juliette Binoche on “Sils Maria,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May. The two will be reunited soon on “The Big Shoe.”

“The intimidation level is down a bit, but now I feel like we need to up our games because it’s, like, the second go. I’m so excited. She’s become one of my favorite people in the world,” Stewart said.

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Details from the 'Camp X-Ray' Q&A at USC with Peter Sattler & Gina Kwon (22 June 2014)

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Full video of the Q&A

   Partial video of the Q&A - Peter Sattler talks about Kristen.

Tweets from the 'Camp X-Ray' Q&A at the University of Southern California in LA on Sunday 22 June 2014 with director Peter Sattler & producer Gina Kwon.

  • Audience reaction to #CampXRay was sooooo much better than the screenings I went to at Sundance! Lots of laughter (at the right times)! :D
  • Peter Sattler talking about using Muslim Public Affairs to make sure the film showed BOTH sides of the story. 
  • Kristen had a consultant to get into 'army shape'
  • They'd call JB (not HBG) to make sure the army stuff was right.
  • Authenticity was IMPORTANT to Peter Sattler in making #CampXray
  • #CampXray was inspired by some stock footage that Peter saw a few years ago about a soldier & detainee interaction with a book.
  • Gina Kwon talking about how she got started on #CampXray ... She read the script and LOVED it!
  • It was really helpful that the set was in LA, especially for Kristen (being the A-lister she is) and a low-budget. 
  • Gina suggested for the cast to have a night of go-carting to get acquainted with each other.
  • The party/boat scene was total improv.
  • Apparently there are a lot of deleted scenes of Kristen and Lane. Ummmm can we see those!?!?
  • Talking about Payman Maddi :) Guys, he's soooo good in #CampXray
  • "It HAS to be Kristen! She's perfect!" -Peter Sattler
  • He worked with Kristen on UNDERTOW!
  • Peter saw THE RUNAWAYS and knew K was the actress! 
  • Apparently THE TWILIGHT SAGA is super popular at Guantanamo Bay .. They had copies laying around the office as a joke! 
  • There was an early draft of a scene with Lane where he talks to Cole about seeing Breaking Dawn .. LOL 
  • Real life soldiers stopped Peter after seeing the film at Sundance & they were moved by how accurate this portrayal was.
  • Peter wanted to end with hope. 
  • #CampXray was shot in 21 days!
  • 'The world's biggest star just signed on' - Peter Sattler .. Awwwwwwwww he's a fanboy! 
  • Peter wanted to probe the question of long term detention. #CampXray
  • Best thing you can do to get a film made? Have a star in it! #campxray
  • There's a weird Hollywood circle when it comes to funding. #CampXray
  • Kristen starves for really great roles. #CampXray
  • October #CampXray will be released!!!!
We didn't include one tweet by StrictlyRobsten as it was a bit spoilery.

Via @KstewsSmirk
  • K told him she decided to join the cast because she felt she understood the character and liked that if had a message.
  • K told him she decided to join the cast because she felt she understood the character and liked that if had a message.
  • He originally wrote a scene where one of the characters mentioned a twi film and then decided to remove it.
  • Peter Sattler mentioned how K would worry about minor things like how to hold her hat so they'd call their army consultant for her  lol
Via @abeitotzz 
  • Peter knows Kristen from the Undertow. He was the set dresser haha
  • K would call John "army consultant" asking him if her hat was right and all that lol
  • Peter wrote a scene where they mentioned "twilight" in the movie but he took it out lol
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Kristen & Juliette Binoche's interview with 'Rencontres de Cinema' will air on Sunday June 29

Laurent Weil interviewed Kristen & Juliette Binoche in Cannes - the interview will be aired on French TV on Sunday June 29th at 11:25am (CET) on Canal+.

11:25am CET/ 10:25am BST/ 5:25am ET/ 2:25am PT/ 7:25pm AEST

Watch it LIVE here or here.

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Audio: Chloe Grace Moretz talks about 'Clouds of Sils Maria' and Kristen

Chloe mentions Kristen at 5:40mins.

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Interview with Elle Magazine (South Africa)

How would you describe the shoot?

KS: I always felt like there was this sense of discovery in these pictures especially looking back on them. It was like you have this girl dropped in a very unknown place; and to see her struggle to survive and find herself, who she really is, is interesting. It looks like some vines are starting to grow into her and they are becoming a part of her and she is clearly very comfortable, owning it more. It’s not disarmed, it’s rather the opposite; it’s a little more assertive.

When you were on set were you shooting?

KS: In this particular case? The first few photos for the first campaign were all very frontal and full, you could see my entire face. I wasn’t hiding behind anything really. Now this shoot is sort of a little bit more subtle. It’s over the shoulder, it’s like whoa. I’ve been here in my own world for so long now, who is looking at me? It’s sort of, I don’t want to say aggressive, but it’s like what? Bring it on.

Was this shoot more comfortable than the last shoot?

KS: I mean I liked both. You couldn’t start here – you have to start at the beginning. So it’s interesting to see where it went.

How did you prepare for this shoot? Or do you just go with the flow?

KS: In this case I went with it. I do very much trust who we are working with and I didn’t really know what we were going to do exactly until I got here, which I like. I like being able to navigate through something. In this case there wasn’t too much preparation to be honest. What I like about this is I didn’t have to turn into a different person necessarily. The point was to capture something natural, and with Craig that’s easy.

What’s it like working with Craig McDean?

KS: Great. I’ve worked with him once before. It’s funny, I tend to say the same thing about photographers that I really love working with, but if you ever feel like you’re forcing something, or trying to get the shot, suddenly it’s not fun anymore. I think Craig never lets that happen. It always kind of falls off the truck and Craig is always able to pick it up and polish it and make it a really beautiful thing. You look back and go how did that happen? We’ve just been here for five minutes! He can capture a moment rather than trying to orchestrate something and build it and force it.

Did you like your makeup?

KS: Yeah – I never really think too much about that. I was like so strong eye, lip, what are we going to do today? I’m like yeah whatever you want! It’s good because it’s very much in keeping with the story. The first one was very fresh. It was really clean, bare and in your face. With this one it’s a little bit more lived in a smoky.

What is your personal style and how do you define it? What do you have to say about that?

KS: It’s not something I have to try too hard to do. I have to try hard to answer questions like this. How do you define cool, which is very up in the air. When someone is in their own body, you can feel it in your bones that you like yourself. It’s not about being arrogant – like oh I think I look really great. But if you feel less than great it shows. Don’t try so hard- really simple. It’s sort of the most cliché thing I can say, but you just sort of need to be yourself and go with it.

Do you define your style that way? What do you think is beautiful?

KS: Typically I think people are attracted to – not confidence, but the idea when you don’t question yourself, when it’s clear you’re not worried about what you’re thinking. It’s a curiosity – when everything’s not completely on the surface. You wonder what elements come together to make that. I don’t understand the equation.

Let’s talk about the fragrance – how would you describe the smell?

KS: It’s funny because in my head, the way I respond to both scents is almost kind of the reverse story line because in the first one there was a heat to it. It’s almost like the flowers they chose were crammed together and didn’t necessarily want to get along. It was good – there was a warmth to it. And this one is lighter. It’s a cooler scent. I don’t know how to describe it. I don’t know if it necessarily smells like a rose but it seems a bit fresher. They are both natural which is what I like. It doesn’t smell synthetic. This one is lighter, it’s fresher.

So you’re in this magical but strange garden, should I assume you garden? Do you have a garden? Do you have time to garden?

KS: No – I don’t have a garden. I would like to have a garden. I would like to have an herb garden. I don’t have one of those yet. I could really make good use of that. At this point I haven’t been home enough.

Do you have a favourite flower(s)?

KS: I think the gardenia is my favourite flower. It is my favourite smell. I love it. I don’t think I can identify any other flower scents, but that one I know that one.

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NEW photo of Kristen & Jesse Eisenberg in 'American Ultra'

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NIma Nourizadeh Wrapped the #americanultra shoot and leaving New Orleans. Had such a wicked time shooting this movie. I'm gonna miss it and everyone involved especially these two #jesseeisenberg and #kristenstewart. Heading to New York now for post.

Bill Pulman talks about 'American Ultra' + new still of Bill, Topher Grace & Connie Britton

Bill talks about 'American Ultra' at 4:35mins.

Click on the screencap to watch the interview or watch at the source.

Left to right: Bill Pulman (Krueger), Topher Grace (Adrian Yates) and Connie Britton (Victoria Lasseter)

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Photo of John Leguizamo & Jesse Eisenberg on the set of 'American Ultra'

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@JohnLeguizamo The very talented #jesseEisenberg and Urs truly on #AMERICANUltra movie

John Leguizamo With the very talented #JesseEISENBERG set of #americanULTRA funny flick

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Max Landis tweets about 'American Ultra' & mentions Kristen

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Chanel campaign photos now in UHQ

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New interview with Nylon Magazine for Balenciaga

French fashion house Balenciaga is pretty badass-- so obviously the label wasn’t going to put out any old floral fragrance. Its Florabotanica convinced cool girls, who wouldn’t normally go anywhere near a flowery scent, to join the garden party. That status was cemented by its face Kristen Stewart--an actress who doesn’t do girly-girl, as evidenced by her preference for Chucks and unwashed hair on the red carpet. This spring, Stewart reprised her spokesperson role for Balenciaga’s latest unconventional take on a flower, Rosabotanica. She was nice enough to take the time to discuss the fragrances, what she would wear with each, and which one would be Bella’s signature scent.

You’ve said in the past that you weren’t really into fragrances, but now that you’ve been the face of the Balenciaga fragrances for awhile, are you more comfortable being a perfume-wearer?

Yeah, yeah I’m a very comfortable perfume-wearer now. I hadn’t really taken to any particular scent before I did this, and so luckily, I was more than a huge fan of it when I first smelled it. Whenever I had anything to do with them it always felt like, you know, just really fucking cool and natural and. To be the face of a brand seems a bit of a superficial, but this was really about my love for Balenciaga. And then so, when I actually smelled Florabotanica, I really took to it. I sort of came into my own, in regards to fragrance, at a perfect time.

It feels very adult, once you find your signature scent. 

It does, right? And, you know, it doesn’t go with everything, like if you wake up and put on a T-shirt and a baseball cap, it’s not like you’re gonna put on the fragrance. But if you go to dinner that night h, it’s such a nice little touch to add. It makes you feel a little bit more ready.

So do you feel the same about the new one, Rosabotanica?

I’m not sure which one I like more. They’re really different, like it feels like Florabotanica is like white wine, and Rosabotanica is like red, like a little deeper. It’s a little muskier. It’s like they come from the same garden, but the new variation is a bit warmer and headier. It feels like a little bit more nighttime.

Rosabotanica is a little sexier?

It is! Honestly.

So when would you wear Florabotanica versus Rosabotanica?

I think it’s about mood. I would wear Rosabotanica at night, and I would wear Florabotanica in the day. But when I didn’t have Rosabotanica, I wore Florabotanica at night. I feel like if you’re someone who is like quite young wearing it, it can make you feel like, like you’ve like stepped up to the plate, like you’re a little older, like you’re a little bit more ready and finished. And then, I can totally imagine giving it to my mom and having her be like “Wow! This is awesome. This is like fresh.”  Depending on who you are, I feel like it has different effects.

Which pieces from Balenciaga would wear with each of these fragrances? 

If I were to go out at night and wear my leather jacket, I’d probably put on Rosabotanica. I have this jumpsuit that’s a little bit older but it’s sick, and that I would definitely wear Florabotanica.

If you were going to pick out characters you’ve played, who would wear these fragrances?

That’s interesting. Let’s see…Well, I think Bella (from Twilight) would probably wear Rosabotanica because she is completely preoccupied with all things sexy. And I just finished a movie called Sils Maria, and I play the personal assistant to Juliette Binoche, who’s playing a really famous actress. And you’re always a little bit more curious about my character because you don’t know anything about her and her life but she’s still a big part of the story, so like when anything is revealed about her, like she’s into this guy, or she’s into this artist or something, you’re like, “Oh, whoa! Who are you?” And I think she would be a Rosabotanica girl. Like a little bit darker and more mysterious. Then I would say that Marylou in On the Road, would definitely wear Florabotanica. The character in the book is so fucking effortlessly sexy and light. She’s so sweet and very unassuming.

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"American Ultra" wraps production in New Orleans (13 June 2014)

13 June 2014 

jearlvinot That's a wrap on American Ultra. Had a blast and worked with some talented folks. Kristen is a talented sweetheart and Jesse is one of the nicest and talented actors I've had privilege to meet. Now on to the next which ever that may be.

argyle_gargoyle Oh no! Last day #americanultra 

taydseaman #tequila #wrapgifts

taydseaman  #tbt is bitter sweet this week. It's our last day of shooting for American Ultra. It's been such a wonderful experience with an amazing cast and crew. Cheers everyone!

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Find ALL our posts about 'American Ultra' HERE in one easy guide.

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