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Kristen appears in the documentary 'Love, Antosha' about Anton Yelchin's life and talks about their relationship

The documentary 'Love, Antosha' premiered at Sundance this week. Kristen appears in it talking about her 'Fierce People' costar and friend.

But it's Stewart who has the most amusing remembrance. The actors starred together in 2005 thriller "Fierce People," when she was 14 and he was 15, and dated on set.

"He kind of broke my heart," Stewart says in the documentary. "I was so baffled by how good he was and then I couldn't be around him."

Much of their teenage romance was rooted in Stewart's admiration for Yelchin, who consumed everything from Federico Fellini films to Bob Dylan to Russian novels.

"It's weird to talk about with anyone," Stewart continues. "He intimidated me because he was so voracious and I wanted to absorb all his interests. I wanted to be better, smoother, cooler, but couldn't even hang with him."

Given their young age, there were no hard feelings after they broke up. ("Literally, we were tiny children," Stewart laughs.) Yelchin even called her years later after he experienced his first heartbreak.

"He was like, 'You know that thing you went through? I get it now and I am so sorry,' " Stewart remembers. "I was like, 'Dude, it's fine.' "


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Portrait of Kristen in Vanity Fair France

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The portrait would have been taken during Kristen's visit to Paris for the Chanel Cruise show in May 2018.

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Kristen talks to WWD at the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris

“Imagine getting married in that, it is the most baller move. That is a real power move; you’re stating your stance right off the bat: This is the woman who you’re marrying, just so you know,” said Kristen Stewart after taking in the sparkly silver bathing suit-clad Chanel bride at the house’s couture show on Tuesday in the Grand Palais. With a blizzard under way outside, and Paris covered in snow, the palm tree-lined set was based on the gardens and swimming pool of an Italian villa.

The actress shared an anecdote from filming the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot due out this fall.

“There’s a synchronized dance, slightly disco-y but a little faster. The other girls [Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska] were much better than me at it, but I gave it my all,” said the actress, who confessed she has never watched any of the original TV series, which was filmed before she was born.

On the experience of being directed by Elizabeth Banks, Stewart said she felt in “trustworthy hands.”

“The movie is grounded but also funny and cute, and I was really intimidated by the idea of doing comedy with her because I find her really funny. I would literally ask her for line readings, I’d be like, ‘How would you do it?’” she said. “Also that I could mess up and be sprawling, and she would always be there to catch me.”


Kristen attends the Chanel Haute Couture SS19 show in Paris - 22 January 2019

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Makeup: Beau Nelson
Hair: Bridget Brager

Kristen for Chanel Beauty (below)

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Official video above including short interview with Kristen.

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