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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Photos of Kristen and friends in LA - 25 October 2017

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Kristen is at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert in LA in these photos.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kristen will be in the documentary "Aware, Anywhere - Olivier Assayas"

Kristen will be appearing in a documentary about director, Olivier Assayas.

"Personal Shopper" behind the scenes footage can be seen in the trailer.

For more details on the documentary check it out at IMDB.

We will update the post when there is news on how to watch it.

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New photo of Kristen shared by Jillian Dempsey

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kristen at the Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood event in LA - 16 October 2017

Tonight, at ELLE's Women in Hollywood event, Kristen Stewart introduced spotlight honoree Riley Keough, her friend and The Runaways cast mate. But before she spoke about the actress ("Riley is not normal. Nothing about her leans IN to being an 'actress.'"), Stewart addressed what's been going on in Hollywood since the allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein broke as more women have come forward to share their stories and show support for victims.

"I just want to express how thankful I am to hear what is typically a sort of like murmured pseudo-conversation because we've all been talking about this forever—not to make it specific, but it is, about this motherfucker," Kristen said as the audience cheered.

"It's just like one of those conversations we've all had a million times be so loud amongst people who really care about that. If I had someone close to me feel like they couldn't be helped or were subject to that type of manipulation or torment or fear of any kind really, especially in regards to being in our realm, where we work, where we have taken very apparent strides towards something not quite equal, but somewhere hopeful for sure, I would feel sick, and do, because I know a lot of these women," she continued.

"So kudos to those who felt hopeful enough, and comfortable enough to be caught and received and heard by those around them, that made it okay to allow themselves to feel better," she said. "Because you need to allow yourself to feel better when you feel that bad. And it takes help and we can all be proud of that notion and perpetuate it by saying that we have got you, affirmatively."

That system of support is so important because not everyone feels he or she can speak up. "I can't tell you how many times I've saved makeup artists—because it trickles down to makeup artists, camera assistants—from DPs who are like, 'Hey babe,' you know like, it happens on lesser scales, too. And, um, when I say like 'saved' I mean momentarily been like, "Hey, don't, fucker." And then they're embarrassed for one second but then it just keeps going every single day."

"So, I would say let's be aware of this on every level. I can tell you that those girls are as duct-taped as one could possibly be, because they're in fear of getting their next job."


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