Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Actor John Carroll Lynch talks about Kristen with Brief Take

Brief Take: Speaking of independent films that demand audience engagement, you were brilliant in Camp X-Ray

John Carroll Lynch: I think. first of all, Camp X-Ray did find an audience. I think we all have to be clear about what an audience looks like now, unless you’re making something that is so Garangutuan as to be operatic that we don’t have room for it, because we have so much magnificent material at home to watch. So, Camp X-Ray becomes part of that material, somehow. in our lives. The movie, I think is excellent, and it’s one of many moments in which, Kristen Stewart, who we’ve watched grow up, I worked with Kristen Stewart in Catch That Kid when she was fifteen years old. So to work with her again, and to see the light in her eyes as an actor and really watch her becoming a peer, particularly in that film, I thought she did excellent work. She’s being very brave with her choices, in many different ways, and I’m really happy for her, and I was particularly happy for that film. That character was fun for me, because I was trying to trade in the child molester for the military, is what that was. I was ready to stop killing people. That movie was ironic as once again a prison guard. It’s funny how those things come up, because I’ve played a prison guard three times, in Face/Off, in Shutter Island, and in a way in Camp X-Ray.


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