Camp X-Ray

'Camp X-Ray" on IMDB and official Facebook Group

Confirmation of Kristen starring in Camp X-Ray (via THR, Deadline) + more details from Production Weekly.

Production Weekly tweets about Camp X-Ray

Audition Videos -  for the following roles: Mary**, Jackson, Rico, Ali, Randy, Damien and Rodriguez.

Peyman Moaddi cast as Ali

Joseph Julian Soria tweets about rehearsals for Camp X-Ray

Photo of Kristen with Peyman Moaddi & Lane Garrison - July 15

Assistant Director, Mira Montepio, tweets about working with Kristen

Tactical Media Group praises Kristen

David Gordon Green, executive producer of Camp X-Ray, mentions Kristen

Photo of Kristen with Lane Garrison on set - August 9

Fan photo of Kristen on set  - August 11

Mark Naji tweets about working with Kristen 

Joseph Julian Soria talks about Camp X-Ray & Kristen's role

Camp X-Ray - IMDB

Photo of Kristen with Joseph's mother  + co-stars Lane Garrison, Tara Holt and Cory Michael Smith on set

Camp X-Ray to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2014 + first official still and screening times at Sundance.

BTS photo of Kristen with Tara Holt

Lane Garrison talks about Kristen & Camp X-Ray with spoiler-free transcript, spoilers in the video.

'Camp X-Ray' screening in San Francisco - Jan 30

Sundance Film Festival director, John Cooper talks about Camp X- Ray & Kristen

Peter Sattler talks about 'Camp X-Ray' and Kristen (THR)

Uncropped first still from 'Camp X-Ray'

Video interview with Peter Sattler  talking about 'Camp X-Ray' with the Sundance Film Festival.

New image of Kristen in 'Camp X-Ray' + some post-production details.

IFC Films picks up 'Camp X-Ray' for distribution in North America

Photo of Kristen & Marcus Khan on set 

Set photo of Kristen, Joseph, Tara and Ser'Darius

New 'Camp X-Ray' poster

New BTS photo on set

New/old BTS pics of Kristen with Joseph Julian Soria

New/old BTS pic of Kristen on set

Q&A with Peter Sattler & Gina Kwon at USC in LA  (22 June 2014)

New UHQ stills from 'Camp X-Ray'

New/old photo from the set of 'Camp X-Ray' with co-star Mark Naji

David Gordon Green talks about 'Camp X-Ray' and Kristen

'Camp X-ray' to be released in the US on 17 October

First trailer for "Camp X-Ray" 

New/old photo on the set

New 'Camp X-ray' poster

New/old photo of Kristen at Sundance  (with co-star Mark Naji)

'Camp X-Ray' to screen at Deauville + New Still 

'Camp X-Ray' to screen at the London Film Festival

New 'Camp X-Ray' stills

'Camp X-Ray' stills in UHQ

New 'Camp X-Ray' still

Peter Sattler mentions Kristen  (Telerama)

New featurette with on-set interviews and new footage

Lane Garrison & Joseph Julian Soria talk about 'Camp X-Ray' and mention Kristen

'Camp X-Ray' will screen at the Forum Film Festival in NYC (Oct 7)

New clips from 'Camp X-Ray'

New 'Camp X-Ray' trailer + tagged still

The 'Camp X-Ray' premiere will be in NYC on October 6 

Peter Sattler at the 'Camp X-Ray' Q&A at the London Film Festival

Lane Garrison talks about Kristen 

Audio: Peter Sattler talks about 'Camp X-Ray' 

'Camp X-Ray' stills (tagged)

Extended 'Camp X-Ray' Clip

Peter Sattler talks about casting Kristen (London Film Girl)

Audio interview with Kristen and Peter Sattler

'Camp X-Ray' Q&A at the Forum Film Festival in NYC (Oct 7)

How to see 'Camp X-Ray'  Our list.

Peter, Payman and Lane talk about Kristen  (3 separate interviews)

Peter Sattler talks about 'Camp X-Ray' and Kristen (Stage Buddy)

Peter Sattler's interview with Indiewire

Peter Sattler mentioning Kristen (Bullett Media, Shockya, Movablefest)

'Camp X-Ray' stills and posters in UHQ

New/old photo of Kristen & Simon Anoop on the 'Camp X-Ray' set

New/old BTS pics on set

Video: Peter Sattler talks about CXR and praises Kristen

Peter Sattler's interview with Miami New Times

New 'Camp X-ray' clip

More photos from the 'Camp X-Ray' Forum Film Festival in NYC (Oct 7)

New 'Camp X-Ray' still + an old now untagged

New interview at the 'Camp X-Ray' NYC premiere

New 'Making of' video

New BTS photo

Peyman Moaddi talks about 'Camp X-Ray' and mentions Kristen (Filmink, Australia)

Co-star Marco Khan mentions Kristen

** this has been deleted from Vimeo, but we will leave the link in case it reappears in future.

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