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Kristen on the cover of 'Telerama' (France) + new interview

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"All this circus is fake"

In the next Olivier Assayas movie, Kristen Stewart revealed at 18 with Twilight, plays the assistant of a star. The occasion for the star assaulted by the paps to report the perverse effect of that business.

The most hardened night hawks only just deserted Cannes' night club that was on the roof of palace on the Croisette. In the sticky dust and the lingering odour of cold tabacco another circus is rolling out. After causing a peak of fever during the ultimate red carpet of the competition, Kristen Stewart, the evanescent star of Twilight, comes to make the express promotion of Sils Maria, the movie by Olivier Assayas, where she assures a fantastic acting temperament. In the darkness of the night club returning to the light, the screens sparkle close to the collapsed green plants, the phones and walkie-talkies are overheating, the press agents briefly meet one other and talk without understanding one another, the photographers have they feet caught in the cables. When the young California star finally appears, she sees herself cornered by the sun, a window that underlines her pallor. Big circles are forming at respectable distance, like many security perimeters, where she looks, under the flashes, like a butterfly against the window. "What an unbelievable show! I know it by heart but here it's almost funny to observe it" she said later.

Olivier Assayas movie highlights an expanded register and allows him to softly express the critic of an asphyxiating system. "The movie wasn't written for me [the director thought of Mia Wasikowska first] but the coincidence and timing were perfect. It allows me to say 'fuck'. To show that I'm not fooled by the game of celebrity." Without having to do in a naive way, or be too up-front, on TV or in magazines columns. Kristen Stewart says she's passionate about movies that laid bare cinema's backstage. With Olivier Assayas, she found the occasion to make fun of "The denatured pictures that people devour with voracity... All this circus around me, it's completely fake. I take pleasure in showing it, showing that deep down they don't even reach me. I find the experience exhilarating. Olivier Assayas offered, to Juliette Binoche and myself, a beautiful meditation on women involved in the actress profession. What it costs them. What it brings them. And what they can really keep for themselves."

Kristen Stewart is known for the intensity with which she analyses every script (we nicknamed her the 'Twilight Nazi' for her defence of the original story!). She was very diligent in the way she worked on her role of an 'assistant'. It sends her back to the knots of her own existence, since Twilight, the movie by Catherine Hardwicke, fastly promoted her in the "unbreathable" heights of planetary fame.

"Everything happened so fast et unexpectedly. I was completely isolated. Secluded. Still today, people don't talk to me. They're either stopped from doing it or they don't dare to..." The star's assistant becomes an accomplice and a confident with whom a 'very pragmatic and mysterious' relation goes on. Sils Maria script puts on a face to face similar to the one of Persona by Ingmar Bergman "I'm stroke by the actresses dependence. They absolutely need this hardly acceptable relation, neither really friendly or really professional. Sometimes to the point of obsession. In Sils Maria we really feel that this link overwhelm these women. It intrigues and scare them."

Kristen Stewart doesn't know another life than the one of cinema. Her parents work in the audiovisual media (scriptwriter and manager) and, in spite of their reluctance ("these child-actors are too crazy, you're nothing like them"), she always ardently wanted to have a career on the screen. "At school people saw a tomboy in me. And the casting directors didn't see beyond the teen from San Fernando Valley, the jeans too big on her and her cap..."

Kristen Stewart also interpreted the rockstar Joan Jett in The Runaways and says to be working on an electrical mode, reminiscence of the punk generation. Without any drama lessons or coach she jumps in every role without a safety net. On the set of Sils Maria, she arrives everyday without knowing her lines that she learns at the edge of the set at the last minute. She insists to do only one take, sure to burn everything with the first fire. "'You need to prepare better' Juliette Binoche told me. But I don't think I'm capable of that. If I don't learn my lines in advance it's to avoid dissecting it. As soon as we start a rehearsal, I only see actors at work, I can't stop myself from finding them ridiculous. I'm also afraid to see appear emotions that would not appear again in front of the camera. I watch myself too much."

Olivier Assayas played the game. He hates rehearsals and stays away from the actors with whom he's not looking for any kind of friendship: "I pick them for a part of fantasy that would lose some of their strength if I knew them better. I could not ask them the things I ask them." he explains. At first, Kristen Stewart was disoriented "American actors are used to be bombarded of advices and indications. As soon as a shot is finished, directors start talking, talking, talking... I took two weeks to adapt but I understood that Olivier entirely entrusted the role to me." According to the director, Kristen was also pushed by her encounter with Juliette Binoche: "Kristen was very in awe at her liberty and wanted to learn. She has an absolute control -almost diabolical- of her body and motions. All her movements seemed choreographed as if she had a history of a dancer. Juliette often provoked her to bring her elsewhere. Beyond her simple instinct."

"I don't know how long I'll be able to work without getting into the depth of my technique" says Kristen Stewart. "I feel like I can mess everything up. But I like living on the nerves. Fear is my driving force." Olivier Assayas fully enjoyed this responsive nature. During a swimming scene, he let the actresses completely free of their motions. "He planned everything, I was freaked out" said Kristen. Juliette Binoche ran into the water, throwing her clothes away. Kristen Stewart followed keeping her swimming suit on. "I even had the reflex to divert my eyes like a young American my age would do. This modesty is from my character, not me. I'm not looking for preserving my image. I don't feel any pressure. I'm not afraid to do what I like and I want to always show more. You know what I mean?"

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Jesse Eisenberg talks 'American Ultra' and Kristen during a Q&A with 'The Guardian' (July 29)

Just wanted to know what it was like for him working with Kristen Stewart for the 2nd time in American Ultra?

Kristen and I have similar style of working and a similar sensibility I think. She's obviously a wonderful actress and is also very funny in both films we did, which are comedic in tone but unusually so.

Can you tell us a little bit more about American Ultra? 

We just finished filming this movie so it is a bit early to digest, but it was a wonderful experience playing this role, which is a guy who has no direction in life who discovers he was brainwashed to be a fighter in a government program based on the MK-Ultra program in the States. It turns from a very personal and intimate story of my character and his girlfriend, played by Kristen Stewart, into a stylized and kinetic movie about this guy being hunted.


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Jenny Lewis mentions Kristen

Why did you choose Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart specifically?

Well, they’re my friends. Annie and Brie in particular were some of the first people that I played my record for months ago when I first mastered it. Kristen I don’t know as well, but got to know her on the day of the shoot. Tennessee Thomas, who plays drums, is one of my best friends as well. We dressed them in track suits and they were so open and great to watch. They’re just so good that it made my job really easy. We had a blast. We were laughing all day long.

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New fan photos of Kristen in Japan (28 July)

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With co-star Nicholas Hoult (Silas). 

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Jacki Weaver talks about 'Equals' and Kristen

Watch the interview HERE at the source.

Jacki mentions 'Equals' and Kristen at 13:09mins.

New fan photos of Kristen arriving in Japan (25 July 2014)

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@kstewfansjp Kristen has arrived in Japan and showed up to the gate around 9pm. She was sweet to the fans, as always, and greeted everyone for a few min.

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New/old BTS photo of Kristen before the Met Gala 2014

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Adir Abergel #tbt to this beautiful friend before #metball2014. Miss this incredible girl so much! #kristenstewart jilliandempsey #jilliandempseyjewlery #hairbyadir

Dakota Fanning mentions Kristen

Music is a huge factor in the movie, and it was scored by the amazing Jenny Lewis. Did you by any chance catch her new music video with Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway?

"I did! Well, Kristen is one of my closest friends so I knew about it when she was filming it. It was really fun to work with Jenny. She’s very close with Naomi and I was so excited to meet her! I think the music [in the movie] is so amazing."

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First official still from 'Still Alice' of Julianne Moore as Alice

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'Still Alice' will have it's world premiere at the 'Toronto International Film Festival' on September 8

Special Presentations:

Still Alice Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, USA World Premiere - 8 September 5.00pm (ET)
PT 2.00pm/ UK 10.00pm/ CET 11.00pm / AEST 9 Sept 7.00am
Q&A will happen after the screening.

Red Carpet: 4 pm - 5:15 pm (ET) Livestream
PT 1.00pm/ UK 9.00pm/ CET 10.00pm/ AEST 9 Sept 6.00am

Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a devastating diagnosis, Alice and her family find their bonds tested. Alice's struggle to stay connected to who she once was is frightening, heartbreaking, and inspiring. Starring Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth and Julianne Moore.

9 September -
Industry Screening: 8.30am (ET)
PT 5.30am/ UK 2.30pm/ CET 1.30pm/ AEST 10.30pm

Public Screening: 3.00pm (ET)
PT 12.00pm / UK 8.00pm/ CET 7.00pm/ AEST 9 Sept 5.00am

11 September -
Public Screening: 12.00pm (ET)
PT 9.00am/ UK 5.00pm/ CET 6.00pm / AEST 12 Sept 2.00am

Industry Screening: 1.45pm (ET)
PT 10.45am/ UK 6.45pm/ CET 7.45pm/ AEST 12 Sept 3.45am

The 'Still Alice' page on the film festival's site and can be found here.

Guest List:  Julianne Moore and directors, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland and Kate Bosworth (via her twitter). Kristen will not be attending.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from 4 - 14 September.

Full Official Site: TIFF14

World Clock to find your own local time.

Source Times/Livestream: Gossipgyal

Scans: Olivier Assayas talks about Kristen with Vogue Paris (August 2014)

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The appearance of Bella Swan from Twilight in the credits of the new film by Olivier Assayas with Juliette Binoche had a lot of people intrigued. After the screening at Cannes, the verdict was very clear: KRISTEN STEWART steals the show. Hollywood's sweetheart, whose private life tabloids are drooling over, blossoms in a very nuanced way, in this small gem of Independant European Cinema. For Vogue, Olivier Assayas explores his encounter with a young actress possessing a supernatural and universal aura. Down the road, a mystery, "The real Kristen"...

I just filmed a movie with her, but I can't say that I know Kristen Stewart, it might be due to her personality, and also mine, and this also refers, without a doubt, to deeper sympathies, more intimate, a little hard to formulate, those who brought me to her and those who brought her to me. Other people know her career better than I do. As for me, it's a longer process, more hazy and which probably originates from her appearance in a Sean Penn film, filmed by Eric Gautier and adapted from a text by Jon Krakauer: It was the figure of a (very) young girl that I had kept with me, beyond the real qualities of Into The Wild.

Therefore, it was hard to imagine that we would ever cross paths with one another, even if, in the world of cinema as in real life, I believe in nothing else other than short circuits. This one owes everything to Kristen Stewart and to the boldness, the spirit of rebellion that define her. Is that what makes her a big actress? It's not the question, it's possible, but it's not essential: It's above all what makes her alive, what makes her pierce the screen with this intensity, this violence as well, which destroys everything that might be tepid, fake, played around the zone where she radiates.

It's even more disturbing considering she doesn't come from some random suburbs, or from the marginality, she is from Los Angeles, the heart of the industry, not at all its aristocracy, more from its conservative middle-class. And yet, she's determined by the split, a freedom of movement almost wild and which owes nothing to some predictable point of reference, whether it is moral or aesthetically pleasing. Being a right-minded person, she owes nothing to anyone. Bella Swan in "Twilight", a silhouette in "On The Road", or carrying the weight of "Snow White & the Huntsman" on her shoulders, she is always entirely there, without any distance, without any nuance, without judgment, in this obviousness that is her own and makes her go through the world of cinema in these diagonals inspired by an animal intuition. She has an alter-ego, just like every other actress, but it might be more extreme with her. There's her intimacy, protected by a tough shell. and which was developped in the best well-kept secret, the one hidden in plain sight, because she grew up on sets. And then there is other that she becomes the moment the camera starts rolling, to whom she gives her full power, this naked truth that we have to wonder how she acquired, where it comes from and the exact nature of the awareness she could have of it.

Charles Gillibert, who produced "Sils Maria", was with Nathanaël Karmitz, the producer of "On The Road", it's thanks to him that I met Kristen for the first time. One night at Silencia, not the best place to meet someone. We met again much later after talking to each other on Skype and having decided that we would work together; it was in much more abstract circumstances again, a Chanel fashion show at the Grand Palais, the models were evolving in ruins inspired by Enki Bilal drawings, she was represented, to say the least. We went to the show together, trying as hard as we could to have some sort of a natural conversation. The day after, we had lunch in the restaurant of an hotel - a fetishist fan stole the keys of my bike, thinking they belonged to Kristen. The most essential was in the implicit; and the explicit tried as a whole to not damage what was not being said. She was pleased, I believe, to have the chance to venture into unknown territory, which she had probably fantasised about but wasn't familiar with, the territory of independant European Cinema. And to be brought face to face with an actress whose freedom of tone had inspired her, Juliette Binoche. As for me, I felt strangely unsteady, as if she knew better than me why we were here. As if things were much clearer for her. which is her strength by the way, everything is much more evident for her, she kept that ability that children have to look at the world with lasers on. For me, nothing was simple. By the way, I think that it's only when I'm on set, looking, not at the actors but at the characters that they're playing who are halfway between themselves and me, that I can finally assemble the pieces of the puzzle. I'm not saying that until now, I've had zero confidence in my intuition, on the contrary, I believe in it almost to the point of irresponsability, only I know that in the world of cinema, it's not the isolated elements that cound but their alchemy. I knew that Kristen had it in her to stimulate and even push Juliette, I didn't know if she could be pushed back by Juliette, if she would know how to put herself in danger, if she would be able to visit new areas in herself which could open doors of a cinema still unexplored by her.

There is something mysterious in the relationship that we build - unconsciously - with the presences that haunt films. The filming of "Sils Maria" had already progressed and the silhouette of the "Twilight" star was already fading, reduced to a precious surnaturel aura, when I remembered seeing Kristen a while ago in "Panic Room", not the best film of a huge director of our time, David Fincher - She was playing Jodie Foster's daughter. I had forgotten. I was thinking more about "The Runaways". A bopic that wasn't very well done around the band created by Kim Fowley and where Joan Jett came from. Kristen was playing her - For whom I've always had a little crush, since Cherry Bomb, in fact, (Am I the only one who cared about her when she played in an unknown film by Paul Schrader, "Light of Day"?) She made her come to life with this truth, which is also one of a time that was unknown to her, and that I thought was gripping. As many white stones which paved the way of my way, not towards Kristen, but towards this part of herself which is always searching, by inhabiting some zones, at once the most exposed and the least visible of cinema today.

I've always admired the fearlessness of actresses. And in particular when they talk about adventures and confront the unknown. Juliette Binoche who goes out of her way to meet Abbas Kiarostami, Isabelle Huppert, who follows Brillante Mendoza in the Philippines in the heart of the jungle. Or again Maggie Cheung, when she came to Paris to film, far from her Hong-Kong bearings, the film of a French author, whose notoriety was still confidential, myself. I've often thought about them when I was observing Kristen while filming "Sils Maria", I hadn't made things easy for her, the set was situated in some of the regions the most secluded in Europe, Leipzig, then Engadine and finally South-Tyrol. She was alone most of the time - the tabloids were talking a lot about a recent breakup - an assistant for every company, of course, smiley and devoted. It isn't the only geographical remoteness - difficult to come back to L.A. for the week-end, nonetheless - rather the situation of vulnerability that she was putting herself in. It goes without saying that the logistics of the shooting could not provide her with the comfort that she was used to having - In the mountains, we can even say that it was frugal. I don't want to say that she was used to a cocoon and that she would have missed it, I think she even hates the idea of a cocoon. But her habits of work and concentration were determined by points of references that she couldn't have here. She doesn't speak French, which, despite our efforts, was the second most spoken language on set, and she was immersed in a strange environment as well as foreign: We never rehearsed - no reading beforehand either - and the takes themselves were always shifting, they were never stable, always open to improvisation, to be put into question even when they seemed the most strong. Even the feelings were flexibke. A scene written to be dramatic was turning into something more light, even funny, another one built around a pivotal point was suddenly put back into the game. In this way, a scene where Kristen had to throw herself into the water was destabilized when Juliette suddenly decided to dive first into the icy water. In short, we kept reinventing the film as we were filming, free when it came to the script, as well as the style, or the story: It was unthinkable in the system that Kristen was used to.

This may have been the result of Juliette Binoche's personality, to the respect she was inspiring in Kristen; she was seeing a model in Juliette. Not in the sense of the model of an actress, but more like a model of independance, of sovereignty, in relation to the laws of cinema. Juliette had constructed her career with no care for the rules, by exposing herself without hesitation, without holding back, by venturing towards unknown territories, to the risk of losing herself. Deep down, Kristen knew, instinctively, that only freedom counts and what she was looking for in Juliette was the root of it, she came because she wanted to be pushed, because she wanted to put herself in a position of danger. Because beyond her own virtuosity - the control of herself and of all the nuances of her acting that she had learned by leaving her life in the world of cinema since she was a child - she knew that there was another dimension, the one of abandonment, where spontaneity, the language of recklessness are taking precedence. Sometimes, actors are motivated by the cinephilie, by the mirror of an artistic prestige or intellectualy associated to Independant Cinema - And I don't only mean that in a negative way, those alliances can sometimes be mutually benefical - but there's not an ounce of calculation. What moves her, it's bravery, the determination and the secret of a young actress who discovers the strength and the complexity of her art, who feels connected to the zones where she will be able to experiment, bring things to life; and even the status that she has in the industry, the sudden nonstandard mediatic notoriety that she acquired and that she endures more than she benefits from it, would put her in a position, would keep her prisonner to be more exact, in a restrictive setting, reductive and with a suffocating result.

I was talking about the secret, I believe the mystery of what Kristen possesses that is indecipherable, and the unformulated certainties that I had perceived during our first encounter, are exactly that: what she's becoming, herself, clandestinely, by going through side roads. Applying this tactile law that governs Hollywood - to be free, but to never confess a truth which does not followed the established rules of the industry. Step by step, she's learning how to be a singular person, thoughtful, a distinguished figure in the American cinema, she's inventing a place for herself - it's not about proving anything anymore, but to accomplish herself in the only way that counts, in life and in art, one and the other inseparable. In short, to do everything that was until now forbidden. 

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