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Updated! NEW Kristen & Rob EW & People mag cover for Breaking Dawn

This Week's Cover: First look at the 'Twilight' finale!

“It was one of the coolest things that I’ve done,” says Stewart. “There was a certain point when I walked on set, and I saw everyone from the entire cast sitting there in the pews, about to do their bit. And it was just so perfect for me in that moment. It was so emotional in such a real way. I literally felt like thanking them for coming.”

For her part, Stewart wishes the movie could have been even truer to the graphic nature of the book — not so much the honeymoon sequence (“It feels like a real love scene, not necessarily vampire-y, which is good”), but the brutal birth of the baby, Renesmee. “It’s funny because when [the PG-13 issue] comes up, everybody thinks it’s all about the sex,” she says. “The birth is really effective, and I’ve heard it really hits you in the face. But what it could have been? It could have been shocking and grotesque, because that’s how it was written in the book.” She sighs: “I would have loved to have been puking up blood.”


Full interview plus some more stills (scan)

Source: EW

People mag also has a new still

Magazine scans 

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Updated: New Stills of Kristen and Rob in "Breaking Dawn"

Source & Full Article- People

"Kristen said, "Are we ever going to do a scene where we don't kiss?" jokes Condon of shooting the steamy honeymoon sequences.

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New/Old BTS Photos of Kristen in "Adventureland"

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Confirmed: Kristen will be attending the Met Gala on Monday 2 May

Stay tuned for the big day on Monday 2 May from New York City. :)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video: Cherie Currie mentions Kristen on "That Metal Show" (at 6:47)

Cherie Currie on Kristen (at 6:47): "Kristen Stewart, did I think, one of the greatest acting jobs of her career."

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Kellan Lutz describing Kristen as 'Genius' in his Seventeen mag interview

The cast of Twilight seems to be an extremely tight-knit group. I’m going to give you the names of some of your fellow cast-members, and I want you to tell me the first word that pops in your head for each one of them. Feel free to tell why.

Kristen Stewart: Genius. I am so impressed with her. She’s so intelligent in the way she channels everything [into her acting]. She’s just brilliant and a really, really good friend.

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New/Old Video: "The Runaways" Red Carpet at SXSW 2010

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Kristen featured in Nylon's "Young Hollywood Issue" Alum Gallery

A look back at our most famous Young Hollywood alums.

Kristen Stewart in 2006.  She was fifteen years old and fresh off the movie Fierce People, where she held her own against Diane Lane.  Into the Wild soon followed, then a vampire novel turned her life upside-down.
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Kristen Stewart, The Rebel: Twilight Stars High School Flashback

The Rebel: Kristen Stewart
School: A. E. Wright Middle School, Calabasas, California
Activites: Writing, photography
High School Memory;  “I had to stop going to school because I worked [in films] too much and my teachers resented me a lot. But I really love home school—independent study is for me."

The photo is of Kristen in 7th grade, 2003 (she was home schooled for high school).

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New/Old Still from "The Runaways"


Kristen invited to be a committee member at the Met Gala

The Met Gala, opens the New York City Costume Institute's annual exhibit. This year it will be held on Monday 2 May. This year the exhibit will feature and honor British designer, Alexander McQueen, titled "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" and be open to the public from 4 May to 31 July.

It's unknown at the moment if Kristen will actually be attending the Met Gala. 

Read more on the Met here

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