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New Sundance 'EW' portrait

Full scan

Similar to previous portrait but Kristen is now looking into the camera.

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Chloe G Moretz mentions Kristen

Any friends you have been looking forward to running into [at Sundance]? 

I was talking to Kristen [Stewart] because I want to see her film “Camp X-Ray”. I wanted to see her but she’s leaving today! I just did “Clouds of Sils Maria” with her that is coming out later this year. She literally came in, did press all day and now she’s out. It’s crazy.

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Author & journalist Anthony Breznican talks about Kristen

As a journalist, you’ve interviewed a lot of creative people. Is there anything an interview subject has said to you about the creative process that stuck with you while you were writing?

Strangely enough, I had a cool interview with Kristen Stewart a few years ago when she was in a movie called Adventureland. It’s one of my favorite coming-of-age films, set at an amusement park in the late 1980s, and Brutal Youth begins in 1991. She would have been a baby then, but we talked a lot about the differences between growing up these days, and the kind of self-surveillance that goes on, with every aspect of your life monitored or shared, and growing up back then, which is the last time kids could truly lead secret lives. We didn’t talk about my book, but that conversation made me realize I was writing about a bygone era. There’s something magical about that, like an animal that has gone extinct and now seems mythological.

Anthony Breznican's book 'Brutal Youth' comes out on June 10.

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New/old pic of Kristen & Jodie Foster at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party (2010)

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Jillian Dempsey mentions Kristen + new quote in Allure (March 2014)

"One of my busiest days was the Oscars in 2010. I did Kate Winslet and Kristen Stewart. I ran late with Kate, so Kristen's time got cut short. I had to whip up a quick makeup look, deciding on smudgy navy eyeliner."

'Kristen Stewart, who gets "claustrophobic if I'm crammed into a bunch of people," 

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Fan photos at 'The High Watt' in Nashville + details on Kristen's directing debut for 'Sage and the Saints' music video

Kristen is in the audience, in the far back near the window & under the light globe.

jessicalynnstagram Day 261 (part II): stumbled into being part of a random music video shoot, directed by Kristin Stewart. Nashville is a weird place.

lizthurman Tonight I met #KristenStewart and she was super cool and super sweet! #Sage+TheSaints.

@AllOrNothingKR Pic of Kristen between sets at Sage & The Saints. She was hard at work &  the entire gang was there. <3 her. Went well! She was really into it.  You could tell she was passionate about it.  She was always behind the camera.

"Kristen Stewart directing my friends music vid"

Source of photo above + read their fan account of meeting & watching Kristen work HERE.

Find more fan photos of Kristen in Nashville HERE.


Tumbleweed Company Nashville! Come on out to The High Watt tonight at 830 for a night of great music with our set kicking it off, then Anthony Adams, Bones Owens and Sage + The Saints.. Then catch us as Sage's backing band in her music video shoot that Kristen Stewart is directing!

Production Company behind the music video shoot is Starlight Studios.

It appears that some of the music video was shot in LA on February 15. Thanks to More details: (Facebook Twitter)

The music video is for the band Sage and the Saints headed by one of Kristen's friends, Sage Galesi. More details: (Twitter Facebook Instagram

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New fan photo + fan encounter with Kristen (February 17)

"I am not one to usually get star struck, but yesterday at Atlanta airport I became a dorky teenage boy with a crush. We had lunch at TGI Fridays, as we were about to leave Kristen Stewart sat down two tables from us. I wanted to say something but chickened out. We boarded our flight, just before the airplane doors were closed guess who walked in, Kristen Stewart was going to Nashville and she sat directly behind me. When we landed at Nashville and were waiting to deplane I turned around and talked to the girl that is the lock screen saver on my phone. We talked for a couple of minutes, I shook her hand and then it was over. I took this photo before I talked to her, she asked that I not take a picture so I didn't get a good pic. She was very polite and I was a complete dork, but it was worth it lol."

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New/old fan photo of Kristen & Rob in Paris (2012)

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New fan photos of Kristen in Nashville (February 18)

Just met Kristen Stewart and got to be in a music video that her friend was making!!! #happy #Nashville #KristenStewart #exchangestudent

Yes that's me holding Kristen Stewart and Courtney Lynn and sage and the saints. Just came into our gig. They were filming a video. We got to be in it. #bella

Kristen Stewart behind our store today. #kristenstewart #bettiepageclothing #work #dayinthelife

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Old GQ UK photos now in HQ (November 2011)

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Elle France photo now in better quality (May 2012)

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Kristen's new interview in Elle France (March 2014)

English translation by

What is your beauty routine like?

I make sure to clean [my skin] thoroughly. I use Proactiv Cleanser for teenagers, that suits me well, I don't know what will happen if I stop. Then I apply a foundation and a Dermalogica moisturizer, or a care given by a makeup artist. I think it's good for the skin to vary the products.

What's your daily makeup?

I don't put anything heavy on my skin. And when I no longer have that perfect black line of eyeliner, made by my makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, I wear the black eyeliner from H&M, super and really cheap. The other day, I even asked a friend to buy me five of them! The result must be natural and light because I don't want to look like a raccoon! And I like the color of my lips, so I just apply the moisturizing lip balm Rosebud.

And to go out?

A touch of lipstick, either nude or very very red, never anything in between. When I have to dress up for an event, I put Chanel nail polish.. dark, red, black or midnight blue, depending on what I wear.

A diet plan to keep a slim waist?

I can eat five cheeseburgers in a week! I'm lucky, I don't really need to think about my weight. But, before a movie, I try to eat a little better and healthier. I love cooking: I'm doing the best quinoa with coconut milk instead of water, mango and coriander. Crunchy and soft at the same time.

What's your fitness routine?

I do not have a trainer, but I should! I love running, swimming, skateboarding and biking, or take a walk with my dog. I'm fortunate to live in California where there are many pretty outdoor places, it bothers me to train in the gym. But sometimes I have to, like before the Snow White filming: I knew I was not going to stop running, I did not want to make everyone wait until I catch my breath! I exercised every day in L.A. with a trainer who kicked my ass, I was in a very good shape.

In your wake there is..

Balenciaga's Rosabotanica. I was a fan of Florabotanica, the previous fragrance, and I used the body moisturizer [Body lotion] all the time. Contrary to its name, this new fragrance is not too flowery, it has something slightly warmer.

The best beauty advice you have received?

Drink water and sleep.

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New Sundance portrait

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