Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fan photos of Kristen in Paris - 4 February

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Fan encounter: @WarriorKristen

We arrived around 7 pm there and they were nobody, no papz, not her car with her driver & bodyguard, but we were sure it was there. Actually after waiting some minutes, people went in and out of the photoshoot studio and it confirmed that Kristen was really in it because they talked to us and they were so surprised we knew that Kristen was there with Karl for a photoshoot hahaha. They told us that she would have finished in a really long time so two of our friends couldn't stay late they went back home, then we were 3! I have to tell you that during all the evening we waited, Chanel's work team and Karl Lagarfield, himself, were so nice and caring, they always told us 'you have lots of courage to wait in the cold guys' 'aren't you freezing too much?' each time they went out and Karl came out to say hi to us and he told us 'don't get a cold girls' haha and he thought it was cute we were waiting for Kristen! I have a really good memories of the waiting even though we were dying because of the cold!

We really ordered a pizza in the street hahaha because we were hungry i never did that! Anyways finally around midnight 30 the photoshoot ended all the people went out, the set of the photoshoot was removed from the studio and all ! Suzie went out a little bit too happy (i think she was a bit drunk) so cute and talked with one her friend who arrived few minutes before. We waited, we were stressed because we thought it was too late for Kristen to stop for us, it began to rain and all, we were so anxious!!

And finally around 1 am Kristen, Ruth (her publicst for those who don't know her and are reading haha) and another girl i don't know (but she was a part of her staff) went out and just stopped right in front of us !!! The first thing that the unknown girl said was 'do you have things to make her sign' we didn't even reply because we were starstruck by Kristen !! First thing my friend Wallys said was 'Oh my god Kristen, i love your make-up' and Kristen was so shy and said 'um thanks' haha with a cute smile :') Then we immediately told her 'Kristen we are so glad to finally be able to talk to you after all this time seeing you" and Wallys started to tell how excited she was for Camp X Ray and myself i told her how excited i was for Sils Maria and how we are proud of her and how she is amazing, Berenice told her she was so talented, she asked 'you waited all the afternoon for me here?' we said yes kinda and she said 'ohh you waited for so long for me' she was worrying about us omg, we told her that we love her and she wasn't moving i was like 'isn't she supposed to go in her car right now' haha and Ruth said 'girls do you want a picture with her' and i said 'that'd be completely amazing but we don't want to bother you' Kristen said 'no sure no problem' and i took my camera in my bag and Ruth immediately took the camera from my hands as i was about to give it to Wallys so she could my pics haha

I went just near Kristen and like Kristen asked me 'which side you want to be my right, my left?' i was like speechless and thinking in my head 'i dont really care Kristen, you're the queen you choose i'm not supposed to have a choice' and Kristen took me by the shoulders and put me on her left. The unknown assistant or Ruth i don't remember said 'so i've heard you ordered a pizza' and we said yes we did and Kristen said 'oh that's so cool' haha she's so cute ! Of course, when we tried to take a pic my camera flash was not working, so Ruth was embarrassed and i tried to put the flash but i didn't succeed, we tried 4 times with the camera for the pics, me, Berenice & Wallys excused ourselves so much because we noticed Kristen was freezing and she was like 'don't worry about it man it is totally fine' and Ruth told me do you have an iphone i said yes i have i gave it to her while she gave my camera to the unknown assistant lol and just when Ruth took the pic with my iphone, the unknown assistant made my camera flash worked so ruth took the camera back and so without thinking i thought 'ohmygod she's gonna take a second pic' and so i asked 'can we do like funny face picture?' and Kristen was kinda surprised i think and said 'oh yeah!' haha and we took a funny pics haha

Then, she took a pic with Berenice & Wallys i remember they asked if we were friends and could take it on the same camera i said "we were great friends, nothing to worry" haha

Then, we thanked kristen sooooo much, wishing her a good stay in paris she was like 'no problem guys' she waved and just when she got in the car Wallys said 'oh and susie, happy late birthday' and i Suzie smiled so big and said thanks and they all laughed :')

AND THAT WAS IT! I was in the street, shaking, i couldn't believe what happened, we were all like 'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god' JUST THE BEST MOMENT EVER ! Kristen is SO nice & natural, down-to-earth, just the way all of us, fans, see her though our screen, she's the same as in interview, or on TV, i mean she doesn't change her attitude, she's amazing, and nice, and she loves us, she cares about us, the FANS, she is much more beautiful in real (yes it is true) but we already knew that! SHE IS JUST PERFECT, I DON'T THINK IT IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE SHE WAS ALREADY MY EVERYTHING, BUT I LOVE HER EVEN MORE NOW! Also, I was fucking surprised by Ruth who was completely ADORABLE omg and I noticed that Suzie was the sweetest on monday haha she is still so sweet even if she is kinda drunk haha 

Thanks to @needLullaby @WarriorKristenSourceVia and @walliskmn

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