Certain Women

'Certain Women' on IMDB

Kristen is cast in the untitled Kelly Riechardt project

Kristen talks about the Kelly Riechardt movie with Anne Thompson

Sony Pictures acquires the Kelly Riechardt movie for world wide distribution

First photo of Kristen on the set (March 2015)

Laura Dern talks about the Kelly Riechardt movie

'Certain Women' will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2016

Lily Gladstone talks about 'Certain Women' and Kristen

World premiere of 'Certain Women' at Sundance - HQ/Fan/ Media Pics + Videos of the Q&A

WireImage Portrait at Sundance

Sundance portraits for 'Certain Women' in better quality

Variety Portraits of Kristen at Sundance UHQ

Getty Image portraits at Sundance for 'Certain Women'

Videos from Sundance - red carpet, interviews, press junket etc

Kristen's interview at Sundance w/ Bustle

Kristen's interview w/ E! News at the 'Certain Women' premiere at Sundance

Vanity Fair recaps the Q&A at Sundance premiere of 'Certain Women'

Kristen's interview with The Hollywood Reporter at Sundance

First trailer and poster for 'Certain Women'

'Certain Women' clip - 'Saw people going in'

'Certain Women' will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival

'Certain Women' will screen at the New York Film Festival

'Certain Women' screening at the Deauville Film Festival (France)

'Certain Women' screens at the Aspen Film Festival

'Certain Women' at international film festivals - Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand

'Certain Women' will be released in US theaters on 14 October 2016

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