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Photos of Kristen with friends in Vancouver, Canada - 4 December 2021



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Kristen is in Vancouver, Canada, to start production on 'Love Me' which started on 1 December and will apparently wrap in February 2022 (via ACFC West).

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Kristen is nominated Best Actress for 'Spencer' by the Detroit Film Critics Society


Kristen Stewart, Spencer

Jessica Chastain, The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Alana Haim, Licorice Pizza

Jennifer Hudson, Respect

Nicole Kidman, Being the Ricardos

Winners are announced on 6 December.

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Kristen wins Best Actress for 'Spencer' by the Daily Californian Arts Awards


Best Actress

Winner: Kristen Stewart, “Spencer”

In “Spencer,” Kristen Stewart delivers undeniably the most talked about performance of the year, and it’s not difficult to see why. Stewart’s Diana is dynamic, at times a near photorealistic rendering of the people’s princess, and at other points she’s slightly off-kilter. This slight incongruity is not a detriment to her performance, but rather one of its many compelling facets. K-Stew is Diana laid bare: unobscured by the press and disentangled from her own performance, a version infrequently glanced by the public during her lifetime.

Director Pablo Larraín veers sharply off the road with his figuration of a quasi-horror mise en scene that despoils Diana in a way not unlike the monarchy’s plunder of resources. As her psyche erodes, she is reduced to a mere relic of the Diana of the popular imagination, standing in stark opposition to the resplendent Chanel garb that adorns her. 

Accordingly, Stewart’s delivery is incisive and terse, emblematic of her resolute resistance to the royal family. “Beauty is useless, beauty is clothing,” she spits in protest of her heavily regimented outfit plan. Her performance is also corporeal, punctuated by sprints across dewy fields, gasps burdened by the weight of a strand of pearls (the same ones Charles also gifted Camilla) and gags — also the pearl’s doing.

Casting Stewart as Diana is certainly a bold move, but one that is in many ways the perfect choice for a 2021 resuscitation of a familiar tale — Stewart’s languid malleability the ideal vessel for contemporary discussions of celebrity, public performance and power. 


Kristen is nominated Best Actress for 'Spencer' by the Washington DC Film Critics Association


Best Actress: Kristen Stewart

Best Original Score: Jonny Greenwood

Winners are announced on 6 December at 8.00am ET.

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Jonny Greenwood's 'New Currency' music video from 'Spencer' *** Spoilers ***


Press play with caution as the music video does include spoilers.

Friends share new/old photos of Kristen and Dylan for her birthday


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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Kristen wins best actress for 'Spencer' with Sunset Circle Awards


Pablo Larrain was the runner-up winner for Best Director
Claire Mathon was the runner-up winner for Best Cinematography
Jonny Greenwood was the runner-up winner for Best Score


Video: Kristen and Pablo Larrain talk 'Spencer' and more with Indiewire

In Pablo Larraín’s “Spencer,” Princess Diana is unraveling. As played by Kristen Stewart at first with a sort of skittishness encased in glass, she eventually starts to break apart — whether building a scarecrow shrine to her dead father in the middle of a barren field, nipping at herself with wire cutters or, in one scene, ripping the pearls off her necklace and eating them out of her soup bowl at a decorous Christmas Eve Royal dinner. That’s partly because her marriage to Prince Charles is slowly disintegrating, but also because increased attention on her each and every day  inside and outside the household is crushing her.

During a recent panel with IndieWire’s Eric Kohn, Stewart talked about building the crucial scene where, as she imagines she’s choking on her necklace, she’s met with blank stares by the rest of her family — and a hallucination of 16th-century English Queen Anne Boleyn.

“That scene is like an emotional Heimlich maneuver,” Stewart said. “It’s like literally she needed to go to the bathroom and cough out whatever blockage [she had]. That whole thing was Pablo placing these elements that were so opposed all around me; I was surrounded. As much as she’s a bit of an aggressor in this scene, it s embedded in her nightmarish fantasy. In reality, she’s receding. In every direction you look, there’s something to hide from. And then in this one moment, it shifts into, ‘Maybe this isn’t really happening, and this is something that is just totally subjective.'”

Stewart continued, “She doesn’t avert her gaze after a certain second. She really starts leaning into staring at Anne Boleyn and staring at the Queen and Charles. Are they going to start a food fight? Is somebody going to get hit right now? It just feels so aggressive. I was very surprised by how bold he was in leaning into the trip factor. It felt like a drug sequence, almost so lucid that you’re like, ‘Wake me up from this nightmare.'”

Stewart said that for this “psychotropic” sequence, the crew shot for so long that the tapes “ran out every single night, just pushing it as far as we could possibly push it.” She said, “I was really surprised that he was capable of pushing it as far as he did, and still kept it really emotional and tasteful.”

Larraín said, “What happens in that scene is very relevant for the whole overall operation of the movie. From then and on, we are inside of Diana’s perspective all the time. The movie is more observational up until then, so everyone is having pretty much the same value and distance, and then from then and on, whatever happens, we know that it’s only happening to her from her perspective. It’s just like a process of madness, I think, that eventually she sees someone that is not there, someone that was alive 500 years ago. That leads to a moment where she’s walking in the hallway, toward the bathroom.”

He added that on that day that she was doing “a little bit like Isabelle Adjani in ‘Possession.’ She’s really, really lost and it’s something that is going to a level of madness that’s quite intense, and it ends in the bathroom.”


Kristen nominated Best Actress and 'Spencer' + 7 other nominations for the Hollywood Critics Association Film Awards


Best Picture - Spencer

Best Actress - Kristen Stewart

Best Director - Pablo Larrain

Best Indie Film - Spencer

Best Cinematography - Claire Mathon

Best Score - Jonny Greenwood

Best Costume Design - Jacqueline Durran

Best Production Design - Guy Hendrix Dyas

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in LA on January 8. 4pm PT. There will be a livestream which we will post closer to the date.

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