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Kristen's Balenciaga Paris Fashion Week Show - Live Stream Links

Live streams:

1. Balenciaga Official
2. Balenciaga on Facebook (photo wall)
4. (photo wall)

The show begins at 10.00am, Paris time.

Here are some world time zones to help you:

US (East Coast): 4.00am
US (West Coast): 1.00am
Australia (East Coast): 8.00pm
Philippines: 5.00pm
UK (London): 9.00am

Or use the tool at timeanddate to pick your city.

Can not wait to see BalenciagaStew! :)

Scans: Kristen in VIVA! Beauty Russia (February 2012)

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'On The Road' Official Poster & Movie Stills





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SWATH's Rupert Sanders to show footage & do a Q & A at WonderCon (March 17)

March 17 at 3:15-4:15pm -  Universal Pictures: Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman— Universal Pictures will present footage and special guests from two of its upcoming epic action-adventures: Battleship (May 18) and Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1). Battleship director/producer Peter Berg will be joined by two of the star's from the film, Alexander Skarsgård and Brooklyn Decker, to discuss the project. Snow White and the Huntsman's director, Rupert Sanders, will answer questions about the new movie starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin.

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"Her performance is fantastic" Charlize Theron on Kristen


What was it like filming with the young Kristen Stewart, who plays Snow White?

From the moment we met there was this amazing chemistry between us. We had a great time filming that movie. I really hope people enjoy it. Kristen is only 21… I remember when I was that age. Her performance is fantastic. In fact, she’s quite the fighter.

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"I really like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight movies" - Jennifer Lawrence

You're kind of an "it" girl at the moment. Are you glad you didn't get the role of Bella in Twilight?

Jennifer Lawrence:  No. I think that everything happens for a reason. Everything happened the way that it did, especially because I really like Kristen Stewart in the Twilight movies. I can’t really imagine anybody else doing it; I think she’s a great Bella. I’ve never really been disappointed about not getting anything. I mean, I was just with every actor in New York or LA auditioning for whatever’s out there. But I felt that whatever is meant to be, will happen. I actually had no idea what they were. When the movies came out, I went "Wow!"

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Jake Scott talks about WTTR and Kristen

HeyUGuys: It’s obviously a very character-driven film and at times I felt that it was remarkably natural, as if any sense of a set script had been stripped away. Were Gandolfini and Stewart actually given free reign in regards to improvisation?

Jake Scott: First of all, thank you for saying that. It’s a massive compliment, actually. It’s so interesting to me how the British have responded to this film compared to the American critics. It’s weird. It’s like they just seem to get it more. I found with American critics there almost wasn’t enough emotional guidance or something, you know? It’s interesting. Yeah, with actors like that you find because they’re already really committed to the work that it makes the director’s life fairly easy. I really learnt on this film that you get your casting right, you don’t have to work that hard. You have the room to explore and investigate various ways and different dimensions of the character and the relationship. I mean, James is a method actor and Kristen’s not really formally trained, but the relationship they had in the film is very much the relationship they had off set. He really was her caretaker and he really guided her and when we’d come in in the morning onto set, you know, it was such a small film and there was nothing really to set up other than the scene with the actors. We would do like forty-five minutes of rehearsal on set to see how we could make it better and as a result there was a lot of improvisation. The first scene was the most improvised – Kristen improvises everything. She can be quite frustrating for a writer because she kind of just makes her own words up. She takes what’s written on the page and then just makes her own sense of it. She wouldn’t warn you she was doing that, she would just change the words. She’s very comfortable with improvisation, but the scene when he first goes to her place, the house, was almost completely improvised. When she rolls the joint, it was guided by the script, but I just let them go, it was great.

As you mentioned Gandolfini being method, I’ve heard that Stewart went slightly method, depriving herself of sleep and mainly eating junk food in preparation. Do you find it hard to come across young actors who are willing to throw themselves in that way?

Well, I haven’t really done enough to have had that problem. I guess in the actors I’ve met, young actors I’ve met, there are many who I feel don’t seem to – and this seems unfair because I haven’t worked with them. But I cast Kristen because she was so genuine and authentic. She’s been criticised for being very twitchy and there’s some negative things said about her in regards to her acting affectations, but they’re not affectations, they’re who she is and that’s how she is. And she’s very open and honest and authentic in herself and it really comes down to authenticity. And anyone who’s worth their salt and is driven by the want to do great work is always going to want to plunge themselves into something like that. The ones that are in it for, you know, the ‘other’ glories – there are many who are like that, who are driven by desire to be adored – are probably not going to go there and do that work. I cast her right and it’s really my first experience of working with somebody that young who was so determined to do justice to the girl she was playing. And she did a lot of work in New Orleans where I put her in contact with a stripper, even though you don’t really see her stripping in the film – I didn’t want to show that. I felt that the audience didn’t need to be looking at strippers, it would have felt like a cheap shot to me and there’s too many films with strippers in where the filmmaker exploits that and I felt that actually this film was about the exact opposite of exploitation. But nonetheless she felt that it was very necessary to put herself in that position and actually go to a club and strip and learn how to work a man in the VIP room, you know, all that stuff. And she did, she ate badly, chain smoked, didn’t sleep, stayed out of the sun and made herself generally really ill.

'Welcome to the Riley's' comes out on DVD in the UK on 27 February. 

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Jackson Rathbone says he's "Kristen all the way"

But before a Twilight 6 hits theaters, The Hunger Games will undoubtedly be the movie to see, so we had to ask Mr. Rathbone how he feels about the Twilight/Hunger Games comparisons:

"A lot of people are excited about it [The Hunger Games]. But to be completely honest I don't know much about it…are they really hungry? It's something maybe Jasper would understand," he quipped.

OK, so Jacks isn't exactly scared The Hunger Games will steal Twilight's franchise thunder. In fact, he had no hesitation who would win if Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were to battle it out on the big screen:

"I gotta go fam-bam, thank you ma'am! I'd say Kristen all the way!"

That's one for Team Kristen!

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Audio: New/old interview of Kristen talking about BD, SWATH and OTR

Download link to the interview :)
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New/old photo of Kristen at the LA BD1 premiere

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SWATH movie still in HQ celebrate the 100 days until SWATH opens in theaters! :)

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Joan Jett on Kristen "She was extraordinary, it was great working with her"

The story of the Runaways was shown in the 2010 movie, ‘The Runaways – The Girls of Rock” starring Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett. (“She was extraordinary, it was awesome working with her”, says the artist, who acted as executive producer in the film) and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie. For Joan, the main merit of the film was introducing the band to a new generation. “I think it showed to a lot of young girls that didn’t know. And I think it was one of the reasons why Kristen wanted to do the film.”

Read the full interview (in Portuguese) at the Rolling Stone - Brazil 
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Sam Claflin talks SWATH and Kristen with Kidzworld

The section about the horse riding, longer quote to the Marcus connection, and the fans is new in this interview.

Kidzworld: Did you know Kristen prior to this movie?

Sam: No. I knew of her obviously and I’ve been a big fan of everything she’s been involved with up to now so the first time I met her we had a talk and realized that we have a lot of things in common. We like the same sort of music and we have a few friends in common. It’s such a small world.

Kidzworld: You and Kristen have the same music taste? What are you listening to?

Sam: A guy called Marcus Foster mainly. This sort of big musician who I love played at my birthday party so I went to see him at another gig and, supporting him, was Marcus Foster. I was backstage meeting Marcus and he was telling me about this music video he’s about to do that Kristen’s just starred in. Then, when I saw Kristen next I was “I can’t believe you did that. You know him and he knows you and he knows Rob [Pattinson]”. It’s again, a small world. So, mainly him but I have a feeling our music tastes are very much in tune I would say.

Kidzworld: Who is more confident on a horse, you or Kristen?

Sam: I don’t know. I think I’ve spent more time on a horse. I had more opportunity being in London I think because she was still doing post production on “Twilight” over there so I think she had less time to prepare but I don’t know. She seems quite confident and happy on a horse.

Kidzworld: No fans have found the set so far?

Sam: Not with me. I think when we were in Wales, there were quite a few people because it was a public beach and they didn’t close it off so there were a few videos of Kristen captured.

You can read Sam's full interview at Kidzworld

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You can read Sam's other interview, with, here.

Kristen nominated for 'Favorite Movie Actress' at the Kids Choice Awards

Kristen is nominated in the 'Favorite Movie Actress' category for 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1'.

The 25th Annual Kid's Choice Awards are aired on Nickelodeon on March 31 at 8pm.

Voting starts on February 24 online at  Nickelodeon.

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Kristen talks about SWATH with Teen.Com

Just a few days ago, we told you that we met Kristen Stewart on the London set of Snow White & The Huntsman. Yeah. We’re still not over it either. And then we told you that she’s awesome and so pretty and so so nice in real life. And we think this interview with Kristen — ya know, the one we did in her trailer (!!!) — will prove, it guys. She even talked to us about Twilight! First things first — what do you love most about playing Snow White?

Kristen Stewart: It’s strange playing a character that you actually could never truly embody. I can’t have Snow White’s affect on people. I can’t actually be completely selfless because nobody is. You can only really play a character like that in a fairytale and play it with an awful load of integrity and not have it just be like a fake character in a movie with other people that do seem real. She’s a very fully formed but very farfetched from the reality that we live in type of person. She also is strong in a very different way than you’d expect like bullying a person in an action-type adventure movie. Is Snow White anything like Bella Swan? Sorry, just had to ask this one…

Kristen: No, totally! Bella and Snow White are slightly… they both come to find that they’re leaders. That’s definitely a similarity. They’re different. They’re very, very, very different people. Both of them are sort of a little more intuitive and spiritually, for whatever reason, connected, and their gut is always sort of dead right. Is Snow White prissier than Bella?

Kristen: She is prissy sometimes. But she’s strong. She can kick ass. That’s the other thing. It takes her the whole movie basically to become who I’m talking about now. It’s a total identity movie. It’s all about not finding yourself, but actually just being okay with who you know you always have been and not being ashamed of being the only one who sees the light. Let’s talk about the costumes. How freakin’ cool was it to wear that armor?

Kristen: That’s the first thing you wanna do is, “ahhh!” Editor’s note: She hit her chest here and screamed like Tarzan. It was great.) And [the dress underneath] is so wearable. I also have puffy sleeves. Somehow she manages to make puffy sleeves look butch. In Snow White and in New Moon, you’re brought out to the woods to get bad news. Is it worse to find out you’re going to die or to get dumped?

Kristen: I think it’s totally impossible to compare the two. Because leading out to and being broken up with thing, especially in that context, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to play and I’m not even…I built that moment up in my head. Not that I’m talking about Twilight now. But um…you can’t compare them. And I know that doesn’t make sense, but I kind of can’t compare. We’re so jealous you got to work with Chris. What’s he like?

Kristen: Before I met him, I was like, “Gosh, so charming.” You know what I mean? Like, he’s so ridiculously, seemingly nice. Movie-star caliber nice. But he really actually just is. Really kind of just like quasi-boy. He’s really relaxed whereas I’m always like “Oh my God!” I use my anxiety to do this. He’s a good energy for me. I really like working with him. Did you have a favorite fairy-tale as a kid?

Kristen: I knew you were gonna say that! We’re asking everyone! Sorry!

Kristen: I honestly don’t…somebody asked this the other day. I wasn’t here till the end of fairytales. But I really liked the Jungle Book. I was obsessed.

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New/old fan photos from the BD LA TwiCon

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Chelsea Dagger's, from Sparknote, 'girl-crush' experience & interview with Kristen on the set of SWATH

This is so cute and sweet that we had to post the full account of Chelsea Dagger's (blogger for Sparknotes) account of meeting and interviewing Kristen on the SWATH set in London. <33

What'd I Do Recently? Oh, Just Hung Out in KRISTEN STEWART'S TRAILER.

THAT'S PROBABLY THE SECOND COOLEST POST TITLE I WILL EVER WRITE. This one takes first place, because Chris Hemsworth is slightly higher on my list of Totally Realistic Potential Husbands than Kristen, but only slightly. In case you butts somehow missed the sweaty announcement of the CENTURY on Monday and are currently scratching your enormous heads with befuddlement, here is a brief breakdown:


WHEW. I'm pretty sure I've depleted my capital-letter bank at this point. Let's check: IS MY CAPITAL LETTER BANK BANKRUPT? Nope, looks like I still got a few left—and they will definitely come in handy as I attempt to convey to you the magnitude of my giddiness and glee at meeting THE STEW, who I know some of you don't exactly adore, but it is my greatest hope that after reading about my interactions with her, you will love her just as much as I do, which is to say, A LOT x INFINITY.

Myself and several other bloggers were huddled in a misty, LOTR-worthy forest in England (the set of this movie is seriously right out of the best Aragorn-related daydream you ever had). We walked into a clearing, and all of a sudden, there she was: THE STEW. I punched the blogger next to me in the arm and scream-whispered " THAT'S HER. THAT'S KRISTEN. KRISTEN STEWART. ARE YOU SEEING THIS. SHE IS RIGHT THERE.” I was in shock, butts. For the other bloggers, this was all pretty normal—they'd been been to set visits and junkets and red carpets aplenty—but for me, this experience was like landing on the moon and finding a 24-hour diner that serves brownie-batter pancakes.

The Stew was wearing a brown corset dress (one of the many insanely awesome costumes that Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood crafted) and rockin' a Katniss braid, and guys, she looked BEAUTIFUL. Like, it was maybe 45 degrees in this forest, and she was covered in mud and probably hadn't showered in a few days, and on top of all that she was HANGING UPSIDE-DOWN FROM A TREE, and still she looked stunning. But it wasn't her gorgeousness that won me over—it was her personality. From watching interviews with The Stew, I expected her to be quiet and reserved—but when I saw her on set, she was a WHIRLWIND of AWESOMENESS and EMOTION.

She listened intently and gestured animatedly as the director gave her feedback, laughed delightedly with Chris about accidentally walloping him in the nose in an earlier scene, drummed her fingers on her knees and fixed her braid between takes, and, before stepping into a shot, seemed to pause for a moment and BECOME her character—you could literally see a transformation taking place. She gave everything she had to every scene, and when the director yelled "Cut!" she went back to goofing around with Chris and chatting excitedly to everyone around her.

At one point, she smiled in my direction, and my sweaty heart swelled up like a balloon. A BALLOON, SPARKLERS. I had basically fallen in love with her, and I hadn't even met her yet. After watching several takes of the scene, us bloggers were put on a bus and taken to the GIANT ACTUAL CASTLE that was built just for this movie, where we stood around excitedly, like sweaty castle guards, waiting for The Stew to wrap up on set. I was beside myself with nervousness and delight; out of all the amazing people I got to talk to during this visit, Kristen was the one I was most excited about.

And then, suddenly, she jumped out of a car and walked toward us, grinning and rocking well-worn Converse sneakers and gray sweatpants. There she was, standing directly in front of me, rubbing her badly-bruised hand and smiling. I had two choices: I could have a panic blackout (tempting) or I could TALK TO THE STEW and go down in history as the sweatiest blogger ever to do so. I summoned up all my courage, pointed to her hand, and asked in my bravest voice (which happens to make me sound a lot like a 13-year-old boy): "Is that from punching Chris?"

“No!” she laughed, and the interview was off. After a few seconds, the unthinkable happened: she tilted her head and said, "Do you guys want to do this in my trailer?" UH, DO I WANT TO EAT A CHEESEBURGER EVERY DAY FOR BREAKFAST AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAGICALLY TRANSFORM BABY CARROTS INTO HUNDRED-DOLLAR BILLS?! YES. So we followed her into her trailer, where she hopped up on the counter and started chatting with us like we'd all been friends for years.

Sparklers, she was AMAZING. I'm not just saying this because I met her, I AM SAYING IT BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.  I was worried she'd be a aloof and cautious, but she was effusive and enthusiastic and so, so smart. She weighed every word she said, but cracked jokes too; she put me totally at ease (and considering I was about 2 breaths away from a panic-induced asthma attack, that was not an easy task). It was like hanging out with one of YOU, Sparklers—she was so funny, and adorably awkward, and even goofy—and at one point she got so excited about what she was saying that she jumped off the counter and marched around the room, pretending to be a dude wearing knight's armor. IT. WAS. FANTASTIC. I spent the entire interview nearly doubled over with giddy happiness. Want to know what The Stew and me talked about? WELL HERE YA GO....

The Stew on accidentally punching Chris (this scene will be in the movie!): It's actually a very confidence-building experience. You know when you dream [about punching someone] and your hand just slides right down their face? It doesn't do that in real life. It really works. God, that really made me feel horrible, though. I mean, like instantly hot tears and I was like, "Oops!"

Question: Is there something you really admire about Snow White?

The Stew: Yes. It's strange playing a character that you actually could never truly embody. Her spirit affects people in such a way that—you know, I mean luckily our script is written that way, but I can't have Snow White's effect on people. I can't actually be completely selfless, because nobody is. You can only really play a character like that in a fairy tale and play it with an awful load of integrity and not have it just be like a fake character in a movie with other people that do seem real. She's very fully formed but very farfetched from the reality that we live in. She also is strong in a very different way than you'd expect.

Question: Strength of character, you think?

The Stew: Strength, yeah, but also gusto. I mean, she's strong. She can kick ass. But you're not watching going, "Yeah! Kill him!"  It's gutting. It's physically gutting for her, literally. A million different reasons, but she's special.

I think she genuinely lacks that innate fear of death that we all have. She's got a serious, fierce survival—not skills, but insights. But she isn't afraid of anything. What's harder is to have dreams and hopes that you lived with your whole life sort of be just shattered in front of you. Only that hope doesn't exist anymore and you've got so much in you and you can't explain to people that it's so worth fighting for. So, basically, it's like she's a voodoo doll. Do you know what I mean? If they're [her people] in pain, she's in pain.

Question: Do you like that she's not like your prissy fairy tale princess?

The Stew: Yeah, because that's just the very surface—she is prissy sometimes. That's the other thing. It takes her the whole movie basically to become who I'm talking about now. It's strange. It's a total identity movie. It's all just being okay with who you know you always have been and not being ashamed of being the only one who sees the light. It's an enormous burden and she's so stunted. She was put away when she was seven years old and her mother and father were killed basically right in front of her, and we're not doing the version of a fairy tale that wouldn't deal with all of those things, where you just sort of skim over all those things, and it's like all of these things are actually really important to the characters. She literally bleeds for her land and her people, and that's just such a cool concept for me.

Question: She learns to be a leader or she's a born leader inside, do you think?

The Stew: She's definitely a born leader. I mean, it's literally pumping through those veins, but it's been taken from her. She's been so stolen from. But it's not an easy thing to just ...

Question: Is it helping you to wear these cool costumes? Is it like putting you there? 'Cause this is the first time you've worn period kind of things in a film.

The Stew: Absolutely. If you look down and something doesn't feel like you would be wearing it or if you go to grab your knife and it flops around or—basically she [Colleen Atwood] thinks about every detail. It's so wearable. I also have puffy sleeves. Somehow she manages to make puffy sleeves look butch. I was always expecting to wind up in a—basically what I'm wearing underneath it, like that little blue dress, which is just thin and wispy. I was really happy that she's got something heavy on—a bit of armor.

Question: How did you feel the first time you put on the armor? Did you feel more badass?

The Stew: Yeah. That's the first thing you wanna do is *pounds her chest and yells* Also, my armor doesn't have a huge top on it. All the guys, unfortunately, they go like this and they hit themselves in the head. I can run around in mine. Somehow the armor on men—unless they're on horseback and they look amazing—but to see a guy in it, there's also something kind of dainty about it, too, like pointy toes. It fits a woman's body better, I feel. I don't know, the guys running around suddenly look like little toys—slightly feminine little toys.

Question: What about working with Chris surprised you? Did you have any preconceptions of him?

The Stew: Before I met him, I was like, "Gosh, so charming." You know what I mean? Like he's so ridiculously, seemingly nice. Movie-star caliber nice. When he came in it was like, "Wow! This is interesting!" I mean, it was like they really elevated it. I mean, Chris is an amazing, nice guy and has great instincts and he can roll with everything on set. He's really relaxed, whereas I'm always like, "Oh my God!" I use my anxiety to do this and he's always sort of like—he's a good energy for me. I really  like working with him. He is obsessed with Lord of the Rings and he was always humming Enya while we were trudging up the mountain, and I was saying, "You should make a remake of Lord of the Rings."

Question: Favorite fairytale as a kid?

The Stew: I knew you were gonna say that. I really liked The Jungle Book. I was obsessed with The Jungle Book.

SEE, ISN'T SHE WONDERFUL?!? SHE IS, SHE DEFINITELY IS. And guess what? THERE'S MORE SNOW WHITE TO COME! I still have another AMAZING interview post lined up—just wait til you hear about Sam Claflin! YOU'RE ALL GOING SWOON SO HARD.

So, whaddaya think of The Stew now that she's passed the Chelsea Dagger test? Pretty awesome, right? And come on, she looks TOTALLY BADASS in this movie!

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The interview consists of some questions & answers similar to this previously posted interview by Cambio.

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SWATH Costume Designer Colleen Atwood on Kristen's Clothes

Award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (she’s designed for Sleepy Hollow, Mission Impossible III, Sweeney Todd, and won Oscars for Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago) designed and her shop created the leathers, armor and fairy tale dresses for Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and very evilly-regal queen Charlize Theron for SWATH.

While the film was still shooting, we were lucky enough to tour Colleen’s costume workshops at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. and see some of the most amazing movie clothes ever; some finished, some in progress and some still in design stages. Wow!  Colleen herself guided us through her very special world.
TeenHollywood: How many looks does each character have in the movie?

Colleen: Charlize has about 15 different variations and Kristen has about five or six but variations within that. Chris [Hemsworth] has basically three looks but it’s all good [we agree and laugh]. He has leather pants which he wears rather well.

Sam Claflin has two or three. The guys have less but more stages. By the end we will have made about 2,000 costumes for the movie by the time we’re done with all the extras.

We’re guided to Kristen’s costume trailer; We’re surrounded by blues, greens and browns. Some costumes have the puffy, classic Snow White sleeves but with a chain mail skirt.

Colleen tells us that some of the textiles and textures of the fabric would translate into our era and “look cool with jeans”. We look at pretty leather colors, some with fake fur. We see Kristen’s jacket, sword belt and leather pants and part of her armor. This is her flexible stunt armor. She has a couple of other girlie dresses too and a coronation dress.

“This is Snow White’s under armor jacket but it’s a cute little piece”, Colleen shares. “Kristen said ‘Oh, I’d wear that!’ This is another dress that Kristen wears at the end. It’s really a simple little dress, very peasant and appropriate for the scene. Nothing like these. That’s for sure. This is a work in progress”. Colleen shows us a crazy beetle wing sleeve.

“The final dress is a chainmail and leather dress that Kristen wears. This is a robe that has been hand embroidered for Charlize. She has a great presence as an actor. You put a costume like that on somebody who really knows how to wear it and it becomes really strong and kind of special”.

TeenHollywood: Does Kristen also make a transformation when she puts these costumes on?

Colleen: Yes, for sure. But it’s a softer version than when Charlize puts hers on, Especially the armor. We’re working on Sam Claflin’s shoes that he’s going to wear with his armor and spiffing those up a little.

TeenHollywood: If an actor has an idea for their costume, do you listen?

Colleen: Yeah. It’s a collaboration. They have to feel the character and wear the clothes. Most actors don’t dictate what they want to wear at all. They’re quite excited when they see the stuff. They interpret it through their things and have ideas for that so it’s a real collaboration.

TeenHollywood: Was it that way with Kristen?

Colleen: Yeah but she really didn’t say anything. I showed her the stuff and she was really into it. She loved the armor and the other bits that she has. She’s not really that obsessed with clothes at this point in her career. She’s young and free from that sort of obsession. In her work previous, she hasn’t worn those kinds of presentational costumes so it’s kind of new for her. She’s still having fun with it I think.

Read the full article here Via @KstewAngel - Thank you!

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Sam Claflin talks about SWATH & Kristen Ok, let’s talk about Kristen Stewart. What’d you know about her before meeting her?

Sam: I knew of her. Everyone in the world does. But no. I knew of her and I’m a big fan of everything she’s involved with up until now. The first time I met her we kind of had a talk. We realized we have a lot of things in common. We like the same sort of music. We have a few friends in common. Yeah, small world. It’s such a small world. What kinda music are you into?

This big big musician who I love plated at my birthday party, and I went to go and see him at another gig, and supporting him was Marcus Foster, so I went backstage and meeting Marcus, and he was telling me about his music video and he's about to do that Kristen (Stewart) has just starred in. And then when I saw Kristen next I said, "I can't believe you did that. You know him and he knows you, and he knows Rob (Pattinson)." It's all this small world. So jealous you hung out with Kristen and Rob! Let’s talk about the costumes. You’re rocking the leather pants today…

Sam: I know. I know. They’re very comfortable, very bizarrely. I sort of feel very at home, not that I own anything like this in my own wardrobe, but I wouldn’t mind. What’s Kristen’s costume like? Very princessy?

Sam: She tends to sort of not be in any princess-like costumes, which is good for her and kind of gives her that badass sort of fighting spirit, I suppose, but she looks pretty damned awesome. Thumbs up.

Read the full interview at Teen

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New SWATH still in HQ

Click image for HQ

"Sometimes a look can say more than words."

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Video: Jonathan Kasdan mentions Kristen "She is great."

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At 7:55 - He briefly mentions Kristen.

At 15:55 – He talks about the irony of “discovering” talent, such as Kristen Stewart (In the Land of Women), before they are “box office gold.”

"She is great!"

"I think one of the great ironies of my career will be that I used all these kids that will become real box office gold before they are box office gold, so they can't help me not at all and they go on to great things."

"With Kristen [Stewart] it was...the flip side of that equation is...that when Kristen Stewart came to me to read "In The Land Of The Women", she was SOOO compelling that it was impossible to not look at her and say "this girl will gonna have a huge career in movies". She just radiated that kind of life, energy and charisma that is undeniable! You don't have to be sophisticated to see what that is with Kristen...!"

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Audio: Casey LaBow, Kate in BD, talks about Kristen

"I was super in awe of Kristen. She is severely talented and professional and committed and cared a lot about what was happening. I think she did a 10-month shoot and she worked like 6-days a week? I gotta hand it to her. And she’s so young!"

Click here for the audio interview at the 7:57min mark.

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Interview with Kristen on the set of SWATH

Such a cute write-up. :)

If you were Kristen Stewart, you might be preoccupied thinking about the release of Snow White And The Huntsman this summer. Not only is it your first big movie role apart from the same role you've played in four installments of one of the most beloved (by most teen girls, anyway) film franchises in history, but you're playing a well-known fairytale character who is known to sing songs with woodland creatures and charm everyone she meets. And then there's the added pressure of another Hollywood actress giving the same role a try a few months before your version hits theaters. Yep, if you were Kristen Stewart, you might even feel like you have something to prove.

But you're not Kristen Stewart. Because Kristen Stewart is effing awesome and we're standing three feet away from her in her trailer, along with a handful of other outlets, back in October somewhere outside of London on the set of Snow White And The Huntsman listening to her talk about the amazing character she's created for the movie.

"It's strange playing a character that you actually could never truly embody," she said.

"Her spirit affects people in such a way that -- you know, I mean luckily our script is written that way, but I can't have Snow White's effect on people. I can't actually be completely selfless because nobody is and it would be strange to claim that. You can only really play a character like that in a fairytale and play it with an awful load of integrity and not have it just be like a fake character in a movie with other people that do seem real. She's very fully-formed but very farfetched-from-the-reality-that-we-live-in type of person. Everyone always thinks I just want to play strong characters, but she also is strong in a very different way that you'd expect the leading person in an action-type adventure movie to be."
"Strength [of character], yeah, but also gusto," she said. "I mean, like she's strong. She can kick ass. It hurts very much to do so and so it's not like you're watching her go take down a kingdom. You're not watching going, 'Yeah! Kill him!' Really, it's more like you're watching someone having to do something that doesn't just go against your sensibilities or something that you agree with. It's not real. It's gutting. It's physically gutting, literally."

Being the lame Twilight nerd that I am, I couldn't help but point out to Kristen that this is the second movie in which she plays a character who gets led into the woods to get some bad news. The first instance, of course, was in New Moon when Edward (Robert Pattinson) takes Bella into the forest to dump her. And in the classic telling of Snow White, she is led out into the woods to be killed (although this movie might have a twist or two in store).

"Well, it's funny," she told us when asked which is harder to play, getting dumped in the forest like Bella or finding out you're going to die as Snow White does. "I think she [Snow White] genuinely lacks that innate fear of death that we all have. She's got a serious, fierce survival... not skills, but instincts. She isn't afraid of anything. What's harder is to have dreams and hopes that you lived with your whole life sort of be just shattered in front of you. Only that hope doesn't exist anymore and you've got so much in you and you can explain to people that it's so worth fighting for and blah, blah, blah. So, basically you see the degradation of the people that basically... it's like she's a voodoo doll. If they're in pain, she's in pain. And so when she gets out of those walls, it's actually like it's a blow to the stomach, with almost every step, every new discovery of how sh** things have gotten."

She continued, "I think, probably, it's totally impossible to compare the two because the leading out [into the woods] and being broken up with thing, especially in that context, was one of the hardest things I've ever had to play and I built that moment up in my head, not that I'm talking about Twilight now," she smiles, hoping to keep the conversation on Snow White. "You can't compare them. And I know that doesn't make sense, but I kind of can't compare."

But don't cry fellow nerds, she does offer up a comparison.

"Bella and Snow White are slightly... they both come to find that they're leaders," she said. "I mean, that's definitely a similarity. They're different. They're very, very, very different people. Also, I guess in a very sort of righteous way as well, it's all very like, everyone's telling them 'No.' And both of them, I guess, see the light. Both of them are sort of a little more intuitive and spiritually for whatever reason connected and their gut is always sort of dead right."

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Colleen Atwood, SWATH's costumer designer, talks about Kristen

Not Your Dainty Snow White

"The puff sleeve is sort of reflected in Kristen's costume, but that's about it. The rest of it -- she's a totally different kind of character. She's much less kind of princess-y and more kind of a badass girl. I just showed her the stuff and she was really into it. She loved the armor and all the other bits that she has, it was -- she's really not obsessed with clothes at this point in her career. She's young and free from that obsession, and in her work previous she hasn't worn those presentational costumes, so it's kind of new for her. She's got a great presence as an actor and you put a costume on somebody that really knows how to wear it and it becomes really strong and kind of scary."

— Colleen Atwood on Kristen Stewart

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Sam Claflin mentions Kristen & his connection with Marcus Foster

"There is a guy called Marcus Foster. Basically a guy played at my birthday, this sort of big musician who I love, and I went to go and see him at another gig, and supporting him was Marcus Foster. So, I went backstage and to meet Marcus, and he was telling me about this music video that he's about to do that Kristen [Stewart] has just starred in. Then when I saw Kristen next, I said, 'I can't believe you did that. You know him and he knows you, and he knows Rob [Pattinson].' So, again, it's all this small world. So namely him, but I think -- I have a feeling our sort of music tastes are very much in tune."

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Chris Hemsworth talks SWATH & Kristen "She's great."

Kidzworld: You got punched.

Chris: Well you can see that it’s swelling going up my nose.

Kidzworld: Did Kristen do that?

Chris: We misjudged one and I head-butted her fist with my nose which didn’t turn out too well for me.

Kidzworld: So how much fun is hanging upside down all afternoon?

Chris: It’s not that much fun at all actually. It’s certainly a head rush. It’s like I’m on a roller coaster a hundred times upside down so you have that sick feeling coming off of it but it looks good [on the monitor].

Kidzworld: Do you two talk about anything when you’re hanging upside down?

Chris: Get us down! Get us down! What am I doing? Honestly it’s using every bit of energy to hold yourself in a certain position so your arm doesn’t tear off because they’ve got a harness hooked over your shoulders and on your ankles and all different parts of the body are being pulled in an unorthodox sort of way.

Kidzworld: Owww! Can you talk about working with Kristen?

Chris: She’s great. We both loved the script from the beginning. We both read it and had a huge amount of excitement coming into it and both love working with [director] Rupert [Sanders] and she leaves no stone unturned in her prep with the script. She’s always asking questions and trying to find out what’s the real truth in the scene but she’s great. It keeps you on your toes and the scenes are all the better for it.

Kidzworld: Can you tell us about your character? What’s he about?

Chris: Yeah. He’s kind of a drunken mess at the beginning of the film [laughs]. There’s a hint that he may have been someone of nobility once upon a time but now he’s a bit of a lost soul and his faith in the world and hope doesn’t exist in him really. He’s kind of given up and the Snow White character kind of re-ignites that in him; gives him hope again. She instills that in him or at least makes him question his doubts in the world and in people. Hey, I’ve been hanging upside down for an hour. I’m just trying to put this plot back together somehow [laughter].

Read Chris' full interview at KidzWorld via @KStewDevotee thank you!


'Snow White and the Huntsman' Book Cover 

As a reminder the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' book is out on 17 April.
It can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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SWATH set visit winner shares her fan experience

Lynsey Jacob, 26, of New York City, won a behind-the-scenes set visit to the upcoming fairy tale thriller "Snow White and the Huntsman," starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. 

I want to begin this post by saying that I still can’t believe I won the "Snow White and the Huntsman" Facebook sweepstakes…and the trip is over! So many people have told me how lucky I am (which I won’t deny in this case), but the only other thing I’ve ever won by chance was a laundry basket at my high school’s after-prom. So in the words of Kristen Stewart, this was a BFD.

Some may already know this, but I’m one of the girls that started the Kristen Stewart’s Hot Bodyguard Facebook page, and so, of course, that information got passed along to the publicist, who seemed just as excited for me to meet him as well. (Much to his surprise, she had called him "HBG" earlier in the week.)

The first person I got to meet was Kristen. We walked onto the set and caught her during a break with the director and Sam. She was in costume and her makeup was flawless. We made introductions, shook hands and were ushered off to see Chris on a different set so that we could come back later for pictures.

Going back to the set where Kristen and Sam were filming was a bit nerve wracking. It was as we entered the stage area that I finally got to introduce myself to HBG.

We stood off to the side and watched Kristen and Sam doing a pretty important scene. It was so interesting watching them perform a scene live and then re-watching it on the monitors. There were moments between takes when Kristen would get down from the stage and watch herself on the monitors. You could tell she took her role very seriously.

Then after one particular take, Kristen walked by and the publicist took that opportunity to call her over to get a photo. Kristen agreed and said she just needed to get her sweatshirt. When she came back, she and I got together for a photo and both awkwardly put our arms around each other for the picture and then kind of realized we were striking poses and laughed it off and smiled for the camera.

Once she took a photo with my friend, I wasn’t sure if she was going to leave since it was literally between takes when we grabbed her, so I said to her, "I don’t know how much time you have, but I just wanted to tell you that I was at the 'Breaking Dawn' premiere and my friends and I missed you because you had to be rushed inside the theater." And due to my excitement/nervousness, the only real thing I remember her saying word-for-word during our entire conversation (my friend has had to fill me in on a lot of it) is her response to this statement in which she said (twice), "Oh, sh--! I’m so sorry!" Of course it wasn’t her fault and I told her that, but I just wanted her to know how happy I was to have been able to meet her there on the "SWATH" set. Lucky for us, Kristen stayed a while longer to hang out and chat with us. She’s definitely excited about "SWATH" (Her words: "It’s going to be f---ing awesome.”). After about five minutes she had to get back on set, and so with a wave, she walked away.

A special thanks to Universal, the "SWATH" unit publicist, Chris, Sam, Kristen and HBG for making it the best set visit possible.

You can read her full set-visit at MTV 

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SWATH still and BTS photo now in HQ

Click each image for HQ

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