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Kristen on the cover of November 'Glamour' magazine (US)

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Transcript of Kristen's interview: 

It feels very good to see Kristen Stewart again. I've missed her. We're meeting at the little mews house where I'm living for the summer, about an hour outside London. Kristen seems relaxed and happy; she looks fantastic--not unusual for her--and better rested than the last time I saw her, at the end of the interminable two-movie shoot that dominated our lives for the past year. You may know me as the author of the Twilight series, but I'm also a producer of the movies, so Kristen and I have gotten to know each other very well while filming during the past three years. Now the series is close to being over, with Breaking Dawn in theaters this month and Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out next fall.

Today she's in her usual jeans and a T-shirt, Chuck Taylors and a ponytail. Without any makeup, her skin is noticeably luminous. Her hair is dark, glossy and very long. I comment on the length, mentally counting the months since I've seen her; it's been less than four. Kristen laughs: The hair is not all hers. It's in place for her next movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.

We talk and talk, and as we speak, Kristen curls her legs under her, never entirely at rest, leaning forward when she's enthusiastic. She's animated and passionate about any project she believes in, yet she's wary of how she might be perceived. I hope that in this interview something is captured of the Kristen I know, the real girl rather than the movie star.

Stephenie Meyer: So we've finally split up after spending the last several years working together. And yet the first movie I go to do [Austenland, starring Kurt Russell], you follow me to the same studio. Are you stalking me?

Kristen Stewart: [Laughs] Yes, I really am. I'm trying to get into your next films.

SM: I remember when we were shooting the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn--I was losing it because we were so sleep-deprived at that point.

KS: Yeah, the last night… I was exhausted, and it's funny, Rob [Pattinson] was actually way more energetic than I was at the end of it.

SM: How emotional were you filming the final scenes?

KS: Even thinking about it now kind of freaks me out. On the final night of filming, I was literally pulling out my hair and crying and having to walk away for a second because my voice wasn't working anymore.

SM: It was a big moment. Being there, you could feel that … And I have to say, you embrace Bella so much.

KS: I like Bella so much. In order to play a part like that, you have to believe in every crazy decision that she makes.

SM: What kind of characters do you gravitate toward?

KS: It is such a gut instinct. I've yet to play anybody who I don't really love.

SM: I think you once wanted to direct. Do you still want to?

KS: Yeah, really, really badly. Me and Dakota [Fanning] were having this conversation the other day actually, and she also wants to do it really bad. It will happen, I think. I also really enjoy being an actor, so I'm fine. I mean, I'm not finished …

SM: Do you prefer working with male or female directors?

KS: I feel that everyone's so different that it's hard to say, "Girls are like this," because even the women I've worked with are all very different. But female directors are usually pretty remarkable because they have gone that extra step of saying, "No, I'm gonna direct the film. No, there's no one else."

SM: I know that publicity's not your favorite thing. Have you ever been misquoted?

KS: Yes, I have. It bugs me! False impressions are the worst! It definitely makes me watch my words. Even right now, I'm going, OK, how do you talk about this? And you've got to have a filter.

SM: What are you reading right now?

KS: My Snow White director just gave me a book on Joan of Arc. I'm mostly reading work things. And I've been foxing all of my English-dialect stuff!

SM: It must be hard to concentrate on your performance when you're so worried about the sound of your voice.

KS: It's weird. Especially considering that I've recently had so much experience speaking he way that I  speak. Because this how Bella talks.
[Laughs.] God, imagine if I'd had to change my voice.

SM: Can you imagine how miserable you would have been? Now I feel kind of guilty, because that's exactly what we made Rob do.

KS: Yeah, actually, that's true. Completely. [Laughs.]

SM: How long did you have off after Breaking Dawn?

KS: It doesn't feel like I've had any time off. I should have just gone home and relaxed.

SM: It took a while before I could kind of step back and say, OK, it's over. [LAughs.] It's a long time to do one thing!

KS: And the experience of watching is always so strange. I watched this one with Taylor [Lautner] for the first time. It was really fun.

SM: Who can not like Taylor?

KS: No! I mean, definitely! And it's fun to watch it with him because we actually sit and watch it. Me and Taylor are actual Twilight fans, so we can sit there and be totally into it! Whereas I sit there with Rob… he likes it, but he has just such a different energy.

SM: Oh, Rob and Taylor have completely different energy! Watching it with Taylor, you feel afraid that you'll get ice down the back of your neck or a grape in your face.

KS: Totally.

SM: You always have to be on your guard with him.

KS: I've always just loved Jacob and Bella so much. Taylor is great in this one. Not to keep saying how great the movie is, but …

SM: Yeah, we threw a lot at you in this one! You have to die, you give birth screaming and--no big deal--get married for the first time.

KS: I know! Jesus!

SM: What did you do for your 21st birthday?

KS: I turned 21 the same weekend as our Breaking Dawn wrap party. So it was lucky because I had this blowout party with everyone, but I didn't have to feel like the birthday girl. I do feel older, I guess. It's amazing to realize that a lot of the insecurities I had when I was younger have pretty much disappeared.

SM: Your style is pretty basic. How would you describe it?

KS: I have a uniform of sorts--I will be comfortable in a certain hood of mine no matter what mood I am in. And there's nothing better than a new stack of white V-neck. For me, "changing" is either a new T-shirt. And I need pockets, 'cause if I carried a bag, I'd lose it purposely.

SM: You keep you romantic relationships pretty close to the vest. Do you have any relationship advice for Glamour readers?

KS: Hmm…good relationship advice for me tends to be being honest and knowing yourself. Don't be an asshole. That's my advice. Don't be mean. Don't take shit. Don't settle.

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Taylor mentions Kristen & Rob: " We’re definitely great friends..."

You’ve become close friends with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – did you miss them on the set of this movie?

Taylor Lautner: It was a little different at first. We’re definitely great friends, but I knew that as soon as I was done filming this that I was going back to spend seven months filming the last two with them. So I knew I was going to get enough of them then (laughs).

Model, Melissa 'MJ' Johannsen: "Kristen Stewart was so lovely and beautiful."

Johannsen rubbed shoulders with Twilight star Kristen Stewart at the recent Mulberry show in London.

"Kristen Stewart was so lovely and beautiful," Johannsen said.

"She said she didn't think she was very good at the whole 'photo thing', which I thought was sweet."

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Marcus Foster mentions Kristen in an interview

It appears one Robert Pattinson is a friend and it transpires Marcus was at school with the Twilight star.

“Yes I was. We’re good friends, and have been for a long time,” he says. “It’s mad what’s happened to him. I’ve met Kristen Stewart through him, who stars in my latest video (I Was Broken). I asked, and she said she’d do it.”

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Audio: Taylor mentions Kristen on 'BBC Radio1 with Fearne Cotton'

You can listen to the full show here: BBC Radio

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Jackson Rathbone talks about Pregnant Bella & the BD Wedding

"There was one time when I got to set and she had some kind of makeup on to make her look...really tired," Jackson Rathbone told us at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. "I felt really bad. I was like, 'What happened to her? Is she alright?' She was like, 'Dude, come on. It's makeup.' I was like, 'OK cool, because I was really worried.' Honestly, I was like, she must have had three weekends in Vegas."

"We had to keep telling ourselves it was fake," Rathbone said. "We've been watching this relationship develop and even though we're playing the parts and at the end of the day we wash off that white face makeup and peel back the wigs that we're wearing, when we were there at the wedding scene, all of us felt it. She just walked out, everybody was quiet. Your heart would skip a beat, you get kind of teary-eyed."

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Kristen included in InStyle's 'The Hottest Hair Makeovers of the Year'

Hair Styles 2011: The Hottest Hair Makeovers of the Year!

Kristen Stewart 

The actress debuted to-the-elbow long dark chestnut brown hair when she sat front row the Mulberry fashion show in London in mid-September. Why the transformation? It’s for a role—she’s filming Snow White and the Huntsman, playing Snow White. The movie is slated to hit theaters in 2012.

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Scan: Kristen featured in 'Who Magazine' (Australia)

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Kristen mentioned in Gerard Nicosia's "One and Only: The Untold Story of on the Road"

Beloved by both Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, Lu Anne Henderson’s story has never been told.

Lu Anne was a beautiful 15-year-old girl in Denver in 1945 when she met Neal, a fast-talking hurricane of male sexuality and vast promises. The two married, and soon they were hanging out with a group of would-be writers, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. But Neal and Jack initially didn’t like each other very much. Lu Anne taught them how to love each other — in effect, making the Beat Generation possible, as well as giving Kerouac material for one of the seminal novels of the 20th century, On the Road. One and Only traces the immense struggles of Lu Anne’s own life, which ranged from the split-up of her family to the ravages of abusive men, lingering illness, and the grief of losing the two most important men in her life.

Lu Anne Henderson did not live to see the filming of On the Road by Walter Salles, but One and Only tells how Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, through her work with both Nicosia and Anne Marie Santos (Lu Anne's daughter), came to find the key to playing Lu Anne in the film.

You can pre-order the book from Amazon HERE or via Barnes & Noble HERE.

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Video: Jimmy Fallon asks Taylor about "KStew"

Cute "KStew" mention by Jimmy at 1:52mins

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Bruno Mars says "I'm Team Bella all day" & talks about his single for BD soundtrack

Just hours after it was announced that Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain" would be the first single from the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" soundtrack, he was already talking about going to the movie's premiere.

"Do I wear a Team Jacob shirt or a Team Edward shirt?," jokes the singer/songwriter. "You know what? I'm Team Bella all day."

Co-written and produced with the Smeezingtons (Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine), Mars had been working on what would become "It Will Rain" on the road before getting the call to contribute to the soundtrack. He says "after seeing the movie, I thought that it would be a perfect fit."

"It Will Rain" will be released globally on Sept. 27, for sale exclusively via iTunes (save for in the U.K., which will get the song in early November). On Sept. 26, the full tracklist for the Summit/Chop Shop/Atlantic album, due Nov. 8, will be revealed.

Mars says that "the 'Twilight' movies for me (are) a love story. But it's a dark love story. And I think the best way to describe the song is: it's the darker side of love. I think that pretty much sums it up." "It Will Rain" "started off with me and the guitar," Mars says, "and I just had this melody in my head and basically laid it down after I saw the film." Lucky Mars got to see "most of the movie" so he "could catch the vibe and feel where they were going with it." But, he doesn't know (or won't divulge) where the song will be heard in the film itself. "I have no idea! As long as it's not after the credits. I hope it's in a good (scene)!"

Mars says that "It Will Rain" is intended just for the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" soundtrack and not for his own on-the-horizon second album. "I personally think if I did this for the 'Twilight' soundtrack, then this is for the 'Twilight' soundtrack," he says. "This is not for my album."

Could we possibly see a collaboration in the future between Mars and "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson? The latter has been in the news after rumors started swirling about how he was working on his own album. (Turns out, he's not "working on an album right now.") Don't rule it out: "Why not?," Mars says. "I'm down for anyone that wants to work and thinks I can contribute."

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Taylor mentions Kristen in an interview "Kristen's is a little darker, a little edgier, more action"

Both of your recent female co-stars, Kristen Stewart from "The Twilight" series as well as Lily, are both playing Snow White in different movies: Kristen in "Snow White and the Huntsmen," and Lily in another Snow White adaptation. What's it like being around so many Snow Whites?

"It's kind of funny. I mean, they're both, obviously, extremely talented. And I think both of the movies will be great. I kind of have an excuse not having to choose sides because both of their movies are extremely different. Kristen's is a little darker, a little edgier, more action. And Lily's is, I don't know, I would describe it as being more in the tone of "Enchanted." There's still a lot of action. But I think both of them will be great, and, they'll both pull it off very well."

Scan: Kristen in US Weekly issue "Fall's Leading Ladies"



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Taylor Lautner talks about Kristen: "...when she gets nervous, she gets shy & quiet."

"Everybody handles it in a different way," he said of the attention. Plus, he insists, he's not always the laid-back one. In 2010, when he and Stewart presented an Oscar at that year's Academy Awards, it was his costar who had to calm a jittery Lautner down.

"For Kristen, when she gets nervous, she gets shy and quiet -- and I find it very cute. And then I think I over-exaggerate with smiling and laughing," he said. "The only thing I can remember about presenting at the Oscars is we were up on the stage, and I could literally feel my pulse, like, through my neck. And Kristen was just like, 'It's gonna be OK, just breathe.'

Scan: New 'Breaking Dawn' Bella Pic in InStyle Mag Oct Issue


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'Breaking Dawn' Movie Tie-in Book Edward and Bella Cover

Release date : October 11, 2011
Pre Order here

Julia Jones mentions Kristen's cooking on set (Scan)

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New 'On the Road' BTS Photos (Scans)

In US Weekly magazine:

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VIDEOS : Kristen at the Mulberry Show in London

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Additional Video Here: A Listers Rock London FROW - Reuters (YT vid can't be embedded)

Kristen at 0.20seconds

Mulberry LFW SS12 Party from F.TAPE on Vimeo.

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Watch the video here
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Kristen is featured throughout most of the video.

Video can be watched here: NineMSN (Aust) - it can't be embedded.

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Sam Claflin talks about Kristen: "She's lovely, a very talented girl."

"She's lovely, a very talented girl," he told us. "Meeting her was one of those moments where I was expecting her to be a certain way, but she's a normal girl."

"We have the same tastes in music so that's good - it's not all about acting. She's my age which is cool. But we haven't yet had that much time off-set together."

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New interview: Kristen at Mulberry with "I'm really a Converse and jeans kind of girl..."

"I'm really a Converse and jeans kind of girl," Kristen Stewart told at last night's Mulberry after-party. "I mean, these," she said, pointing at her heels, "are a big departure for me. But I love Mulberry. They don't take fashion too seriously, which is perfect because neither do I."

Stewart was the guest of honor at the label's shindig, but she wasn't the only fan. Erin O'Connor, Harley Viera-Newton, Amber LeBon, Kellis, Irina Lazareanu, and Tali Lennox all stopped by. The seaside-themed bash saw the ballroom of Claridge's festooned with a menagerie of helium animal balloons, eight-foot ice cream cones, and gigantic beach balls. Cabana boys served mini hotdogs and English chips to a hungry crowd.

Another interview of Kristen at the Mulberry Show from Vogue UK

KRISTEN STEWART, front row at yesterday's Mulberry show, is loving her time in London right now.
"The people are really great. I like walking around here, I don't really get bothered by anyone," the Twilight film actress told us post-show - at which, conversely, she was going anything but unnoticed, sitting as she was next to Kate Moss.

Telling us Fashion Week isn't usually her scene, fashion however is something she's very much interested in.

"Actors and actresses have a hand in both words [acting and fashion]. You have to stay involved in it to be interested. I love what I wear, I mean I love choosing what I wear," she said, impressed with what she had seen on the Mulberry spring/summer 2012 catwalk.

And what about her own style - how would she describe that?

"All over the place right now. I have different versions of myself and a standard uniform - I wear jeans. It's cool to have another side of things. I have phases," she told us.

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Kristen talks about SWATH & her love to wear "vibrant colors"

SNOW WHITE, OR BLACK?: “I know everyone thinks I wear black all the time, but I really do love vibrant colors,” Kristen Stewart of the “Twilight” series said after taking in Mulberry’s bright show Sunday morning at Claridge’s. There were ice cream vans stationed outside the hotel and a sea of giraffe, zebra and tiger balloons bobbing in the lobby to fit the collection’s seaside resort theme. The show drew a starry crowd, including Kate Moss — clad head-to-toe in Mulberry denim — Romola Garai, Hayley Atwell and Harley Viera-Newton.

Stewart, in London until November shooting “Snow White and the Huntsman,” noted her take on Snow White is far from the cutesy Disney version. “It’s more based on the original telling of it, which is fairly dark…it says a lot of great things about vanity and image and strength and standing up for what’s right,” she said, describing the title role as a Joan of Arc type.