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Charlotte Tilbury tweets about Kristen and shares a pic of them together




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Catherine Hardwicke mentions Kristen

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Kristen Fan Encounter of @LoveTheStew & @_ladiz_

FAN ACCOUNT of @LoveTheStew


So, i did met kristen Stewart yesterday. At 3pm there were pictures of her at CDG airport. So arround 5pm i've decided to hang out in Paris , next to big hotels to get a chance to see her. When I passed by the xxxxxxxxx hotel, we saw a big car which looked like the one on the pics , so we got all excited. Then, in the car we saw her frecnh BG ( it's always the same guy lol, she had the same one in 2009 , Rob had the same in April 2011 and October 2011 , Jude Law and patrick dempsey too.) So we were sure that she was going out ! I couldn't believe ! You should have seen us :,))) !!! Arround 8:30pm she finally came out !!! We were 5 ( but one of us just came to take pics of us with Kristen, she is not a fan). We werre really calm and i said " Kristen!" So she looked at us and she smiled so cute an waved, but we didn't have our mags and stuff in our hands so i think just was a little confused like " are they here for me ?" But then one of them approach her with her DVD and asked her an autographe so she stopped , and said like " sure ! " And signed , at the same time I told her " we are so proud of you" and she was so happy about it !! then I approach her and handed her my little canvas and I told her " a huge one please ! " And she asked me " just one ?? " " Yes a big one here ! " And she signed it :,) !!! Then one of us asked her for a pic and again she said " sure" and put her arm on her shoulder , it was so cuuute i coudn't believe it ! And then i took one step and asked " can I ... " But she instantly understood that i was asking her for a pic and said " yeah of course ! " And she aloso put her arm on my shoulder and then : i died. No, lol seriously, while we were taking the pic my friend Marisa asked her " do you like Paris?" And she said " yeah !! " And something else I can't remember. Then my other friend took a pic with her. I just couldn't believe she was here! Ruth and HBG were smiling at us :D ! And then she started saying goodbye and noticed she still had my Sharpie in her hand so she gave it to my friend and then said goodbye ! She had a black cellphone on the pocket of her jean. And she was so so so pretty ! She is so skinny and so cuuute !! Just perfect !!! Also, she had her black hoodie under her jacket , i was so happy to see THE hoodie ! Haha !! She is so so so so nice with her fans. Just be respectful :,) i already tweeted the pic of my autograph, and i'll upload my pic with her when she won't be in paris anymore since you can reconize the hotel.

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Sooo ! I did see Kristen again tonight ! I came back to her hotel after school, i wasn't really hoping but I thought I had to or I'd'regret it later. I arrived arround 5:45pm, there were a lot of fans there ... I chatted with my friends , it was really nice, we were like sharing our stories and stuff. Arround 8:50pm we saw her car, and her french papz came to us saying " she's okay to meet you guys so stay in ( on ? ) line , be calm" and stuff, everybody was really excited :). So she came off the van and she was all smiling and started to sign autograph :) !! She took few pics and then she had to go because it was going a little bit too crazy I guess ! She was so so so pretty ! I think she was still wearing her VF make-up , and she was smiling , smiling and smiling again and touching her beautiful hair a lot ! She was wearing a white V-neck. She's the best seriously... I mean we were like 30 , it could have been dangerous for her but she did stop !!!! Then i spoke a really few seconds with her french BG and I asked him " so how is she ? Is she nice ? " And he said " she's adorable ! " And then i asked " did she ask to stop or you did ? " And he said " I asked her " do you wanna meet you fans we could do that , that that blahblahblah" and she said "yes" :D ! I took a video, i can't upload it now, i posted few screencaps on my twitter though ;) bye !! Lauren x

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Jayce Bartok mentions Kristen and 'The Cake Eaters'


It’s hard to process any of this when you’re an indie moviemaker trying to raise $75,000 to finish your film. But let me stress how important it all is. I speak from experience: My film, The Cake Eaters, starred Kristen Stewart and was directed by Mary Stuart Masterson. It was made for around $2 million and was distributed by 7-57 Releasing, which producers Patrick Morris, Jesse Scolaro and Allan Bain founded specifically to release it. After an American DVD deal was secured, marketing mostly consisted of word-of-mouth buzz and the kindness of Ms. Stewart, who talked about The Cake Eaters while on press junkets for other films that had paid press tours. It played for a few weeks in theaters, mostly to stimulate DVD and TV awareness, which it was able to do. Still, I get told all the time, by very nice people: “That film should have done so much better. I mean, Kristen Stewart was in it. It was good. What happened?”

It always comes back to the amount of money you need to spend for a film to be a critical and box office success. If the producers of The Cake Eaters had had the ability to spend millions upon millions of dollars, they would have, and I’m sure our film would have gone further. How much further? It’s hard to say. It has found a life out there in spite of its small budget, but when it comes to awards season, economics is the biggest reality a moviemaker has to face.

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New/old photo of Kristen, Rob and Taylor at the handprinting ceremony

So gorgeous!

Video: Jackson Rathbone talks about Kristen's transformation in BD2

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Charlize Theron on meeting Kristen: "It was instantly amazing"

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron may play rivals in Snow White and the Huntsman, but it's so not like that in real life.

The two didn't first meet until after they both signed on to the movie...

"We met on a plane going to Comic-Con," Theron told me at the BAFTA Los Angeles tea party at the Four Seasons Hotel. "You know when you meet someone and it's effortless? It was instantly amazing.

"We couldn't shut up," she continued. "The plane landed and they were like, 'Get off the plane' and we were going on and on."

It was the same on set. "I think we both love what we do and we came to play," Theron said.

Yeah, but what happened when it came to their fight scenes? We imagine the "total bitch" Evil Queen got to kick Stewart's Snow White's butt.

Or maybe not.

Theron teased, "It's more like what Kristen does to me."

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"She [Kristen] is perfect to be the face of Balenciaga’s newest fragrance" - Sally Lyndley


Sally Lyndley  is Kristen's stylist in her GQ UK mag cover last year. She spoke highly of Kristen being the new face of Balenciaga Scent.

"The first time I had the pleasure of working with Kristen Stewart, I knew right away she was going to get some sort of major cosmetic campaign.  Her beauty is genuinely gorgeous, and she just exudes that cool-real girl vibe.  All of the reasons why she is perfect to be the face of Balenciaga’s newest fragrance out this fall, name un-release at this time. In today’s WWD, Nicholas Ghesquire said he met Kristen on a collaboration they did together with legendary photographer, Bruce Weber, and Mr. Ghesquire thought of her as the quintessential Balenciaga girl for the new fragrance.  Cool Girl, Cool Fashion Brand.  Makes sense.  We cannot wait to smell the new fragrance and see the ad campaign."

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Charlize mentions Kristen and SWATH

“We had amazing chemistry, right off the bat,” she said. “We just really hit it off.”

“We had a great time doing it,” Charlize said of the film. “I hope people enjoy it as much as we did.” 

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New Teen Vogue 2007 Outtake of Kristen (HQ)


So gorgeous! <3

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Kristen Signs as Face of Balenciaga Scent

Balenciaga will soon have its own place in the Twilight. The brand has signed actress Kristen Stewart as the face of the newest Balenciaga fragrance for women. 

Stewart, best known for her role as Bella Swan in the blockbuster movie saga, will represent a to-be-announced scent which is expected to be launched this fall. 

“Balenciaga has always stood out to me,” Stewart told WWD on Thursday. “Even when I first began to consider fashion and admittedly rarely knew the brand I was wearing, I always recognized and loved Balenciaga. It feels full circle to be involved with something that spoke to me then and of course continues to excite me now. The brand is just cool. That’s the way it is. I feel drawn to it. It provokes on a number of levels. It isn’t afraid or contrived. It hits a very cool balance, always. Always pretty undeniable.” 

Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquière called Stewart the muse for the new scent. “Kristen embodies the modernity of the new Balenciaga fragrance with her unique sensibility and intelligence,” said Ghesquière. “From her early appearance in ‘Panic Room’ to her independent choice of ‘Welcome to the Rileys,’ I’ve always sensed her progressive character. In 2006, I invited her to appear in a project shot by Bruce Weber. Since then, I’ve always wished to collaborate with her further, knowing that she shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga.”

Added Isabelle Guichot, chief executive officer of Balenciaga: “Kristen is the perfect choice as she embodies Nicolas Ghesquière’s unique vision for the second chapter in our fragrance history.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg remains the face of Balenciaga Paris, the first scent from the house, which was launched in 2010.

Kristen stood out as an evident choice for this new fragrance,” added Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of American fragrances for Coty Prestige, a division of Coty Inc. “She has a unique sense of style, quite original and chic in the way she mixes fashion elements. Her elegant modernity and innate rebel style perfectly match with the spirit of Balenciaga.”

Stewart noted that after a busy 2011, she’s taking a bit of time to relax. “My horizon is clear as of now (except for this!) in terms of new projects, which feels incredible,” she said. “I have finished three films I can’t wait to see come to fruition this year, ‘On The Road,’ ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ and ‘Breaking Dawn 2.’”

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Kristen has worn also designs by Balenciaga before at the Twilight premiere in London and for New Moon in Madrid.

How incredibly exciting is this for Kristen. We are so proud! Can't wait to start seeing the campaign. :)



PARIS, January 13th 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Nicolas Ghesquière is pleased to introduce Kristen Stewart as the face of the newest Balenciaga fragrance for women, to be revealed in Fall 2012. Kristen Stewart follows Charlotte Gainsbourg who represents Balenciaga Paris, the first fragrance, since 2010.
Since the start of her Hollywood career, Kristen Stewart has captivated audiences with her impassioned character portrayals. 

This urbane, spirited young woman will now be the muse of the new Balenciaga fragrance for women.

Says Kristen Stewart: “I love Balenciaga fashion because it is incredibly bold and forceful, yet feminine and sexy. I found there was a real creative freedom about this project. I feel blessed and really proud of being the face of this new fragrance.”

Says Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Balenciaga: ”Kristen Stewart embodies the modernity of the new Balenciaga fragrance with her unique sensibility and intelligence. From her early appearance in ‘Panic Room’ to her independent choice of ‘Welcome to the Rileys,’ I’ve always sensed her progressive character. In 2006, I invited her to appear in a project shot by Bruce Weber. Since then, I’ve always wished to collaborate with her further, knowing that she shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga.

“Kristen Stewart is the perfect choice as she embodies Nicolas Ghesquière’s unique vision for the second chapter in our fragrance history”, said Isabelle Guichot, CEO Balenciaga.

“Kristen Stewart stood out as an evident choice for this new fragrance. She has a unique sense of style, quite original and chic in the way she mixes fashion elements. Her elegant modernity and innate rebel style perfectly match with the spirit of Balenciaga”, said Catherine Walsh, SVP American Fragrances, Coty Prestige, a division of Coty Inc.

About Balenciaga

Founded by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1918, Balenciaga is part of the Gucci Group, owned by french conglomerate PPR and has become, under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquière, a very influential player of the fashion scene.

In 2001, Gucci Group, in partnership with Nicolas Ghesquière, acquired Balenciaga, and the brand is recreating the influence and respect that the house commanded in its former heydays.

Balenciaga today creates women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories that are sold worldwide and is enjoying a very strong growth in all categories.

About Coty Inc.

Coty was created in Paris in 1904 by François Coty who is credited with founding the modern fragrance industry. 

Today, Coty Inc. is a recognized leader in global beauty with annual net sales of nearly $4 billion. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, innovation and creativity, Coty Inc. has developed an unrivaled portfolio of notable brands and delivers its innovative products to consumers in 90 markets worldwide.

The Coty Prestige brand portfolio is distributed in prestige and ultra-prestige stores and includes Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Cerruti, Chloé, Chopard, Davidoff, Jennifer Lopez, Jil Sander, JOOP!, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenneth Cole, Gwen Stefani, Lancaster, Marc Jacobs, Nikos, philosophy, Roberto Cavalli, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood and Wolfgang Joop.

The Coty Beauty brand portfolio is more widely distributed and includes adidas, ASTOR, Baby Phat, Beyoncé Knowles, Celine Dion, Chupa Chups, David and Victoria Beckham, Elite Models, Esprit, Exclamation, Faith Hill, GUESS?, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Jovan, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Manhattan, Manhattan Clearface, Miss Sporty, Nautica, N.Y.C. New York Color, Nicole by OPI, OPI, Pierre Cardin1, Playboy, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Stetson, Tim McGraw, TJoy and Tonino Lamborghini.

Coty and Puig S.L. have a strategic partnership for the distribution of the perfume lines of Antonio Banderas, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Prada, Paco Rabanne and Shakira in the United States and Canada.

For additional information about Coty Inc., please visit www.coty.com.

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Universal Pictures releasing SWATH merchandising

It appears that there will be quite an extensive list of merchandising tied in with SWATH, per the article below:

Wide range of licensees on board for action adventure based on the classic tale.

Universal Partnerships & Licensing has revealed a raft of licensees for the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman - which hits cinemas in June.

Categories covered include apparel and accessories, publishing, games, prop replicas, costumes and stationery/social expression.

Licensees will target a wide range of retail outlets including mass, department, specialty and online, with product launching up to six weeks prior to the film release.

Partners include Cardinal (games); High IntenCity (jewellery); Jerry Leigh (apparel); Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (publishing); Loungefly (accessories); MeadWestvaco (decorative calendars); Pacific Solutions (prop replicas); Rubie's (costumes); Townley (health and beauty); and Trends International (stationery/social expression).

"We've seen the incredible consumer buzz for Snow White and the Huntsman following the release of the first trailer," said Cindy Chang, VP and GM of Universal Partnerships & Licensing. "With a cross-category collection of licensees represented, we're confident our licensing programme will bring the same excitement generated by the trailer to the retail marketplace."

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A movie-tie in book (no cover art as yet, but with 240 pages):

Snow White and the Huntsman

A breathtaking new vision of a legendary tale. Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen who is out to destroy her. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman who was dispatched to kill her.

It will be available on 17 April 2012.

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Exciting! We can see that most of us will be wanting some, or all, of these products. :) 

Video: Tia and Tamera Mowry talk about Kristen & Rob

“They’re both really edgy and romantic at the same time,” Tia explained of Robsten’s appeal. “They’re romantic, but it’s not that corny, whimsical kind of romance.”

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