Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ayanna Berkshire (Twilight) on Kristen: "a very seasoned & extremely professional actress"

PP: The scene between you and Kristen and Billy is pretty long. What was it like filming with Kristen? Were you aware of her as an actress before this movie?

Ayanna: I was aware of Kristen from Panic Room and she’d been working since such a young age, it was great to talk with her about filmmakers, acting and our mutual acting influences while we were between shots.

It was really interesting filming with Kristen, because she was such a quiet and thoughtful actress. She was very aware of what was happening around her on set, but then she could seamlessly drop into the scene and be fully engaged. She cares a great deal about what she’s creating as an artist and that was really cool to see in her. At the time, she was still 17 (she turned 18 on set, a big deal because it meant that she could work full days and not have to end early due to child labor laws) and she had been around for a long time already. I was impressed because she came across as a very seasoned and extremely professional actress.

Read the full interview at PattinsonPost via FierceBitchStew - thank you all!

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