Personal Shopper

Kristen to star in Olivier Assayas 'Personal Shopper'

Olivier Assayas talks about 'Personal Shopper' and Kristen

Kristen talks about 'Personal Shopper' with WWD

Kristen talks about 'Personal Shopper' with Allocine

'Personal Shopper' production details & synopsis

Fan photos of Kristen in Paris (25 October)

Photos of Kristen scooter training (26 October)

Charles Gillibert tweets about 'Personal Shopper' first day of shooting (27 October)

Short video of Kristen filming 'Personal Shopper' (27 October)

Set photos and fan photos of Kristen in Paris (27 October)

Motorcycle coach, Phillipe Monneret, talks about training Kristen for 'Personal Shopper'

Fan photos on set (6 November)

Photos of Kristen in Oman

First official photo of Kristen as Maureen

Kristen talk about 'Personal Shopper' in LesRocks

Lars Eidinger talks about working with Kristen

'Personal Shopper' filming details in Les InRocks

New photo of Kristen from 'Personal Shopper' at EFM in Berlin

Fan BTS video on the set of 'Personal Shopper' in Paris

New still of Maureen in 'Personal Shopper'

New BTS photos of Kristen on the 'Personal Shopper' set in Oman

New 'Personal Shopper' Stills

New Stills and BTS Images


  1. Hi! Do you also have a page on the reviews of personal shopper?

    1. Hi unfortunately we don't. We were unable to compile a list due to time issues. Sorry.


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