Cafe Society

Kristen mentions working with Woody Allen in the podcast with Scott Feinberg (THR)

Amazon acquires the untitled Woody Allen project for North America

'Cafe Society' to open the Cannes Film Festival + First Official Still

New still of Theresa and James

Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro talks about making 'Cafe Society' + New Stills

First trailer for 'Cafe Society' plus poster

'Cafe Society' to open the Seattle International Film Festival

Kristen in Illimite Magazine for 'Cafe Society' in Cannes

'Cafe Society' Press Kit

Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg talk 'Cafe Society' with Canal Plus

Kristen's interview with Le Point Magazine

3 'Cafe Society' clips

Woody Allen talks about 'Cafe Society' and mentions Kristen with France 2

New 'Cafe Society' Stills

BTS photo of Kristen on set

Woody Allen talks about Kristen w/ Variety

Woody Allen mentions Kristen w/ France 2

Photos and Videos of Kristen at the Cannes Press Junket - May 10

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