Come Swim

'Come Swim' on IMDB.

Kristen mentions 'Come Swim' with The Inquirer and here again.

Kristen talks about her directing short film 'Come Swim' with ShowBiz411

Kristen talks about 'Come Swim' with the Courier Mail (Aust)

Kristen mentions 'Come Swim' in her podcast for Film Comment

Photo of Kristen doing 'prep' for "Come Swim"

'Come Swim' films 25 July - 3 August 2016

'Come Swim' will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on 19 January 2017

First poster, stills, BTS photo and Press Kit for 'Come Swim'

Production details and images from 'Come Swim' coauthored by Kristen

"Come Swim" will screen at the 70th Cannes Film Festival

'Come Swim' premiere at the Cannes Film Festival - 20 May 2017

THR interview at the Cannes Film Festival for 'Come Swim'

THR portrait and BTS video at the Cannes Film Festival

Gala Magazine interview, video and photos at Cannes

Grazia Magazine scans and portraits from Cannes

Madame Figaro portraits from the Cannes Film Festival

AP video interview for 'Come Swim' at Cannes

Short clip of 'Come Swim' footage

'Come Swim' will screen in theaters as part of the Sundance Short Film Tour

Photo of Kristen and the 'Come Swim' team at Cannes

Interview with HFPA at Cannes

Interview with Women and Hollywood at Cannes

Interview with The Guardian at Cannes

'Come Swim' post-screening Q&A in Los Angeles - 25 August

'Come Swim' Stills

Kristen at the 'Come Swim' Q&A in New York - 30 August

"Come Swim" to have a red carpet premiere on 9 November in LA

'Come Swim' premiere in Los Angeles - 9 November

Full "Come Swim' trailer and clip

Full 'Come Swim' Short Film

New BTS photos

Kristen's interview with Yahoo Entertainment for 'Come Swim'

Quotes from the 'Come Swim' screening at the LA premiere (WWD)

Interview with the New York Times

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