Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fan Video: Meeting Rob in NYC & giving a note for Kristen about the TKS B'day Project

"I gave Rob a letter (you can see it on his jacket pocket around 2:00) with the link to the Team Kristen birthday greeting site and Fiorels90's video. I also said that HER fans (I emphasized HER in the letter) raised $16,000+ to give to charity under Kristen's name for her birthday. He placed it on his pocket so hopefully he'll tell her :)"
Thank you @abeitotzz for sharing your video of meeting Rob in New York, outside the "Today Show".

Thank you even more for your incredible gesture of giving Rob a letter for Kristen. To let her know about the TKS Birthday Project and how much money was raised by Kristen's fans on her behalf for her birthday...and of course for wishing her a happy birthday. :)

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  1. Awwww the nicest bday gift fans could give her I bet Kristen would be so grateful about it.....awesome fans!!!! :)


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