Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jesse Eisenberg talks 'American Ultra' and Kristen during a Q&A with 'The Guardian' (July 29)

Just wanted to know what it was like for him working with Kristen Stewart for the 2nd time in American Ultra?

Kristen and I have similar style of working and a similar sensibility I think. She's obviously a wonderful actress and is also very funny in both films we did, which are comedic in tone but unusually so.

Can you tell us a little bit more about American Ultra? 

We just finished filming this movie so it is a bit early to digest, but it was a wonderful experience playing this role, which is a guy who has no direction in life who discovers he was brainwashed to be a fighter in a government program based on the MK-Ultra program in the States. It turns from a very personal and intimate story of my character and his girlfriend, played by Kristen Stewart, into a stylized and kinetic movie about this guy being hunted.


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