Monday, June 23, 2014

Cherie Currie makes a 'Dragon Bench' for Kristen

Click pic for larger view.

Kristen Stewart's Dragon Bench

This is a bench I finished friday (6/20/14) from a fossilized (hard as cement) olive root that was uncovered on Kristen's hillside home. I have never carved wood as hard as this. We met many problems with dirt, rocks (which kills a sharp chain) roots that told me what I could and could not do and the heat was a challenge (100+ some days). No better way to get back in the game then to do something so difficult. To find a Dragon in this root and make it a functional lounge bench is something I am so proud of... and it's comfortable too! Coating it next week and the finish will be stunning! ;-)

Check out the making of the 'Dragon Bench' for Kristen at Cherie Currie's Facebook (Source).

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