Monday, June 30, 2014

Olivier Assayas talks about Kristen with 'Latercera'

"I wanted to work with Kristen Stewart. I've always liked what she does, and when I met her I felt a very strong prescense," he recognizes. "When I proposed to her the part, I thought she wouldn't do it and that it would be delicate for someone so popular. The movie talks about just that, the culture of the celebrities. But it was the opposite, I think she liked the idea of the perspective," he adds.

He also ensures it didn't even crossed his mind that her prescense could distract from the real focus of the movie. "[In this movie] she's so different than what we always see of her in Hollywood. She [Stewart] is an impressive actress and I was lucky to have done a movie with her in this moment of her career. It's beautiful seeing an actress say 'Can I try this or that, Is this allowed'."

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[The full interview by Olivier Assayas can be read by clicking on the 'translation' link]

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