Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kristen talks to Pret a Reporter on shoe choices

Kristen Stewart wore a black lace Jonathan Simkhai dress and Christian Louboutin heels to the July 8 Los Angeles premiere of her latest film Equals, but brought along her favorite accessory: a pair of beat-up blue Vans shoes.

After the carpet, the Café Society actress changed into her favorite kicks before taking the stage to introduce the film.

“I become obsessed with certain pairs of sneakers for small periods. Right now it happens to be the Vans with the white stripes on the side,” Stewart tells Pret-a-Reporter. Indeed, she paired the same shoes with a shimmering Chanel white ensemble in Cannes in May for the premiere of Personal Shopper, and wore them again the next day for press interviews.

“Honestly, when I wear heels, it’s empowering -— I feel sexy,” says Stewart. “I’m feeling myself for about 10 minutes and then I’m in pain. I want to walk around and feel rooted. Once nobody cares anymore, I’d rather feel like I’m on the ground.”

Does Stewart’s longtime stylist Tara Swennen try to fight the footwear costume change? “I think she’s pretty much relinquished,” says Stewart.


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