Saturday, July 9, 2016

Video: Kristen talks to Collider about 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk'

“An insanely high frame rate would give you like a slow motion effect, but if you put it in real time you’re just getting more information than we’re used to. But usually if you do that without whatever process he’s doing—which I have no idea—it makes it look like reality TV, it makes it crisp in a way that actually detaches you. [But] he messes with depth of field and makes this 3D situation where—usually the way a lens works, you control where the focal point is, [but] in this case everything’s in focus… So when you watch the movie you can decide, almost as if you’re there in person, what you want to look at, which has just never been seen before on film.”

“The way Ang described it is he feels so disconnected from movies that he watches that he just wants to feel like he’s closer, and that he’s done this with [Billy Lynn]. He’s somehow achieved that, so I can’t wait to see it.”

This is an excerpt from an interview with Nicholas Hoult for 'Equals'. Stay tuned for more.


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