Saturday, July 23, 2016

Woody Allen mentions Kristen w/ Chicago Sun Times

When the name Jesse Eisenberg was mentioned to Allen, his eyes lit up, recalling how the “Cafe Society” star skillfully evolved his character from the naive kid we see in the beginning — to a very sophisticated nightclub operator and guy-in-the-know, by the end of the movie.

“He’s a wonderful actor,” said Allen. “It’s not easy to do that, and Kristen Stewart had to do the same thing. They are two young kids in real life, and they did it for me beautifully in this picture.”

Allen is clearly extremely impressed with Stewart’s range as an actress. “In the [‘Twilight’] vampire movies she had to do one thing, and deliver one kind of performance for her director and her audience. In this film she had to something very different — and she totally delivered it for me.”


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