Monday, July 11, 2016

Video: Kristen, Nicholas and Drake Doremus' interview with ET Canada for 'Equals'

Kristen Stewart was all smiles and jokes during a rare, candid interview with ET Canada about her upcoming film, “Equals”. The 26-year-old actress stars opposite Nicholas Hoult as a couple who tempt fate when they fall in love in an emotion-free society in the dystopian sci-fi film.

For Stewart, that feeling of having a crush on someone and falling in love has a special feeling and name to go with it – icy fingers. “When I have a crush on someone – it is purely physical,” she candidly tells ET Canada. “I always think of it like it’s icy fingers in like my stomach and that you think is only going to happen the first time and then it comes back and you’re like ‘S***, I got the ‘icy fingers’ again, that’s great!’

 It’s a feeling we can all relate to. “We talked about this,” she says to “Equals” director Drake Doremus. “Like, ‘What’s that feeling?!’ It’s almost like you’re being ripped in half but it feels good but it’s hot and it’s cold.”

 As the couple falls in love on-screen, their actions have consequences for them and their emotionless society.

In order to capture the building chemistry between Stewart’s character Nia and Hoult’s Silas, the film was shot in mostly chronological order, culminating in one kiss that opens up a whole new world to the pair, including a sizzling sex scene that takes place in a shower. “We didn’t hook up before the bathroom scenes,” Stewart jokes with ET Canada.

 “And then at the wrap party we all hooked up! It was crazy!” Hoult adds jokingly. 

While the on-screen story was all about suppressing emotions, Hoult’s emotions were on full display when it came time to call it a wrap on filming. “One of my biggest memories is shooting the last scene on the last day and Drake was playing the music into the set we were on… and I was sitting there and at that point I’m not supposed to feel anything but I remember standing off camera and just like crying!” Hoult laughs. “And it’s not even on camera. I want a goddman award for that!” he jokes. 

“Ew. Get it together, brother”, Stewart laughingly chides her co-star. “Be a man, dude.” Catch “Equals” in theatres on July 15.

Source Source YT Korita05

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