Friday, July 29, 2016

Kristen's Interview with S Moda (El Pais, Spain)

Kristen Stewart smiles again

She just dyed her hair blonde and plays a bright woman in the latest Woody Allen film. The actress wants to end the mysterious aura that surrounds and conditions her. Will she achieve it?

To Woody Allen the Twilight actress seems young, bright and seductive. Far from the darkness and mystery that surrounds her, that's how he sees her in his new film, Cafe Society. However, Kristen Stewart (Los Angeles, 1990) cannot escape form the label international independent film queen. Proved by, among others, the fact of having been the first American artist to win a French Cesar, in the latest Cannes Film Festival. But Allen and the second film she has shoot with Olivier Assayas, Personal Shopper, are intended to be her definitive reinvention. Stewart, who began working in Hollywood at nine, has learned to speak honestly, even though shyness still shows up in her non-verbal language she can't stop moving her legs, plays with her rings and hardly look into the eyes. But, yes, she answers bluntly.

Cafe Society is your third film with Jesse Eisenberg. Is he your fetish actor?

Yes, indeed, we had just finished American Ultra, when we started with Woody Allen. I didn't have time to miss him. Jesse and I are friends. We have our own language, conversations that most people will not be interested in because we are too analytical, dark, esoteric...Also, in Cafe Society I play a seductive and vulnerable woman, and with him I was not ashamed. Jesse is easy, there are only a few people with whom I feel so comfortable.

You have said that the most curious parts are those that teach you something about yourself. What did you learn this time?

I thought about the different types of love. It was liberating and revealing. I admire the ability of my character to value time and hang onto it. Parts like this open your mind.

Woody Allen has said that when he saw you he imagines you as "a young woman with white socks living in the countryside".

In the audition he said to me, "I think you're a great actress, you would be perfect for the role, it will be fine if you get this cheerful quality outside. I need to see that you can be funny, spontaneous, impulsive...The film will only work if you are captivating:. I auditioned, a cold reading, and left convinced that he will not call me. But he called.

At Sundance, after Certain Women was screened, you spoke out on women situation in Hollywood.

The only way to change something is talking about it and making decisions to launch women into a position of power. Although, the more you talk, the more you move away from yourself. I shouldn't celebrate "how well women were doing in Sundance". I should talked about the film.

You convey the image of a strong woman. Are you?

I am concerned about people having a wrong impression of me. Sometimes it's kind of like a comic book that has been sold. It is a false story that has been fueled by an industry that is obsessed with money.

Are you still affected when you read things about yourself?

It used to affect me. Now I look to the other side.

Your character in Cafe Society says she would rather be a normal size person, be a good actress rather than see her face on huge posters.

I don't think celebrities are huge anymore. We have been stripped down. Hollywood used to be dazzling and almost untouchable. The stars were on another level. But it is obvious that we are fragile now.

Is that good?

Yes it is. Yellow press sometimes tells truths; others the don't. But you have to focus on what matters to you, because there is enough stupidity in the world.

Source Translation thanks @Uchiland

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