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Scan: Kristen in L'Express Styles magazine (France, May 14 - 20)

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Surprise! She’s the revelation of the Cannes film festival and one of the most famous actresses in the world: Kristen Stewart, 24. At the side of Juliette Binoche in "Sils Maria," a film by Olivier Assayas, the smooth actress from Twilight - a romantic and gothic saga which became a source of worship for a whole generation - is at a turning point in her career. Movie aficionados will see her as someone who is lively, fast, creative and tremendous. "Kristen is a very driven actress, totally unpredictable, and she has an extraordinary talent," said Olivier Assayas, who discovered her in a scene from 'Into The Wild' (Sean Penn, 2007). "We often recognize big actors thanks to their capacity of capturing the light and the impact they make in a supporting role." he adds. "Kristen possesses this tremendous analytical intelligence, and next to Juliette Binoche, she acquired a new freedom, an unexpected capacity of improvisation." Noticed in "Panic Room" or in "The Runaways," Kristen Stewart was snatched up by the worldwide success of Twilight, the glory with its disadvantages. (...) 

"I have a fiery temperament, a side which borders on endian...", she admitted to L'Express Styles in 2012. "I want to play strong characters that are reflective of my own personality, hypersensitive, tortured." Kristen Stewart had just finished filming "On The Road", an adaption of the novel by Jack Kerouac in which she played Marylou, a young, funny woman, bright and ahead of her time. She fought for years to make that film happen.

Sils Maria rests on a verbal and emotional ping-pong match between Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche. Kristen plays Valentine, the assistant and confidante of Maria, a well known theatre-play actress, played by Binoche. The latter appears in a play she was in when she was younger, but this time, playing the role of the mature woman. Kristen really let herself go during filming, but she still kept an element of that American modesty: "For the scene where they had to swim in the lake, alone in the moutains," Olivier Assayas tells us, amused, "Juliette threw herself into the water naked with no sense of modesty. Wheareas Kristen, went in wearing her panties and bra." New challenges and tough scenes await her: Patti Smith chose Kristen to play her in her book adaptation ‘Just Kids.' (Rumor: This has not been confirmed by any source.)

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