Monday, May 19, 2014

Jesse Eisenberg talks about "American Ultra" & Kristen *Spoilers*

** Please note that there are American Ultra spoilers **

Josh Horowitz (MTV) and Jesse talk about "American Ultra" at 33:00 and about Kristen at 35:24.

Listen to the podcast HERE.


Josh mentions how Jesse is currently filming "American Ultra" and re-teaming with Kristen. He asks Jesse to give Kristen his regards, she's awesome.

Jesse: "She's great. She's great. She's a really great actress. Yeah, shes just wonderful. She is a good example of somebody who really immerses themselves. When we were doing Adventureland, she was 17 years old and she would literally stop takes in the middle of a take if she felt like she wasn't being honest. She would say "cut,cut,cut, I'm lying".

Josh: "Oh totally, she has no BS filter"
Jesse: "Exactly, how'd you know that?"
Josh: "Well, Ive just talked to her a ton of times over the years, thanks to twilight"
Jesse: "you can tell"
Josh: "Yeah, shes very real'
Jesse: "Yeah, its really wonderful, it may look sometimes as though like, she is, because shes been in those movies, for example, which i don't know, and this movie which is kind of bigger than adventureland. Its an interesting acting style for these kinds of movies because, these kinds of movies occasionally require- its not something I can do well, but it occasionally requires being big, so to speak, and she does that I guess, but shes so realistic. 

Full *spoilery* transcript can be read here thanks to @Shadowed_Gates 

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