Thursday, May 15, 2014

Video: NEW interviews on the set of 'Clouds of Sils Maria' (9, so far)

Translation: "Valentine is Maria Enders' personnal assistant. The type of girl that I have definitely seen on many sets and in many environments. Sort of... Not the average assistant, but someone who is probably going somewhere, definitely has ambition and interest. She really, really admire Maria Enders, who is Juliette's character. She would probably not work for another actress. She could assist a producer or work behind the scenes. In Maria she found someone who's worth sucking a bit of life out of her. And I've seen that kind of relationship a couple times. And here it's so perfectly put together. They're having dynamics that I've definitely seen before."

Juliette talks about Olivier and how she saw a complete new side of him as a director this time around. He was more laid-back.

Chloe talks about her character, Jo-Anne. Valentine & Maria meet Jo-Anne for the first time in this BTS video.

Kristen on Juliette: "She's a total icon and one of those figures that does not disappoint. Sometimes you meet people like that in real life and you're like... *Pretends to side-eye* They're not like you want them to be and it is also very silly. But Juliette, at the same time she was very strong, alive, smart, quick, but really, really, nice and giving. You know in the States, it's a little bit more complicated to have that level of... just being away from someone that is not Hollywood, I mean, she's the opposite of that. She's just very smart and it's nice to be around it because it makes you... I'm always on my toes. I wanna know what she's thinking. And she's funny too, she's a lot of fun."

Juliette: With Kristen, we're halfway through filming, so we still have three weeks ahead of us. We really go into the heart of the film with Kristen. And I think we're both writhing in anticipation, her as much as me, at the idea of playing with ourselves, our feelings. And Kristen is really having a blast playing that role. As she has a real experience of his celebrity world and the real meaning of it. Of its weight. So, all of a sudden, becoming an assistant is freeing for her. And she's someone who is extremely curious, open, who wants to learn. We have fun together. There's a natural complicity between us. Chloe & Kristen are two full-fledged actresses & that they confirm themselves in the film. Chloe & Kristen are obviously made for this.

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