Friday, May 16, 2014

New 'Clouds of Sils Maria' stills in Studio Cine Live magazine (France) + Olivier Assayas interview

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"We rarely had the opportunity to see Kristen with that simplicity and mischievousness in movies, until now. She plays in the movie, the role of the Juliette Binoche's character assistant, a big star. The atmosphere on set and her relationship with Juliette have a lot to do with the new face and this serenity of Kristen. Of course, I saw the Twillight saga, I don’t like to choose actors based on what they did, rather on what they didn’t do yet."

"This scene takes place on the verge of a lake in Sils Maria, the two women will go swimming. So nothing to difficult to shoot. Except that the reality meets fiction. Actually we realized that some paparazzis were hiding near the edges of the lake to take pictures of Kristen Stewart. Therefore we had to use clever shenanigans; we controlled the windows of the opposite hotel. I feared that, of course, but not like that."

"A priori, it may seem like she’s formatted by Hollywood but it’s quite the opposite. She’s complex, intelligent and gives life, micronuances and details to the characters she plays. She really stupefied me. The movie producer, Charles Gillibert met Kristen during the shooting of On the Road and that's how the connection was made. These young people win a lot at being recognize. By the way, I will most likely do my next movie with Robert Pattinson."

"With this picture we're in the heart of the movie. This shot captured the complicity and the natural of the relationship between the two actresses/characters. I was really stupefied by one and the other because it wasn’t an easy project. We shot in English. Juliette held on, as usual, she worked the role down to the last detail and Kristen is still a young actress, who didn’t always have freedom in her performances. It was a team work, with liberties, but in the end, it’s these specific moments that provided me a great measure of satisfaction."

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