Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tara Swennen talks about Kristen with Vanity Fair

Kristen Stewart has been making the red-carpet rounds to promote her latest film Certain Women, and her style has getting several honorable mentions. At the New York Film Festival on Monday night Stewart wore a sleek, unbuttoned Sandro suit paired with a burgundy lip and slicked back, bleach-blonde hair. The suit seems to be her look of the moment, since she also wore a black suit jacket (sans pants) just hours earlier.

“I do think power suits are making a comeback! Thank you, Hillary [Clinton]!” Stewart’s stylist Tara Swennen told over e-mail. “I think whenever anyone wears a suit—male or female—it gives them a sense of power, an embodiment of strength. Sharp tailoring has that effect with Kristen.”

Swennen, who’s been working with Stewart for 11 years, also revealed that it was Stewart’s idea to opt out of wearing a shirt underneath the double-breasted jacket.

“Kristen has always been a high/low girl—She can pair Chanel with a pair of Vans no problem—I think that’s what makes her so cool and relatable. It’s one of my favorite things about her!”


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