Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scans: Kristen in Glamour France with mentions by Olivier Assayas (Sept 2014)

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"Big stars usually have little control over what happens to them. They're very manipulated by their entourage, which it is sometimes easier to let decide. Kristen, she, has always refused that. She wants to keep control.

When Charles mentioned her name for Sils Maria, I found the idea interesting but I didn't really believe in it. This kind of desire from stars of her caliber is often wavering, rarely exceeds the fantasy. However here, yes. And everything finally took place very easily.

It was picturesque, this bodyguard on the set, in the depths of Switzerland. But it's also this notoriety that gives her power in Hollywood.

She has that mixture of freedom, nonchalance, and diabolical precision. We feel like she does not work, that she laughs with her friends, but when the camera turns on, she is accurate to the millimeter."

Scans thanks to @AdoringKS via @Kstewartfans Translation itsoktobeyou.org

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