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'Interview' magazine photoshoot - UHQ photos, MQ scans + interview translation (Russia & Germany)


German Cover (HQ)

MQ Scans (Germany)

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Partial translation of the German issue:

In fact it looked like this whole thing would not happen at all. Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche, a meeting at Paris, but Stewart missed her flight in LA, and the shooting which was supposed to be on Monday, was cancelled. Tuesday morning nobody knows what would happen and suddenly they said: Kristen is coming, she is already on her flight and she has 24 hours. In the evening everybody meets at the studio of the photographer, Kristen surprises with a new hair cut, “short à la Binoche”, she says herself.

In the morning of the next day the conversation between the two actresses took place. A table at the restaurant of Hotel Bristol at Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré was booked for it.

As Kristen Stewart arrives, jeans, white T-shirt, wet hair, the two women hug each other, everybody can see, how close they are since the shoot of Cloudy of Sils Maria in the Swiss mountains. In the movie Oscar winning actress Juliette Binoche plays the aging diva Maria Enders, Kristen Stewart her assistant and Chloe Grace Moretz the current blockbuster-princess, which is a amusing homage of Kristen Stewart. When the movie premiered at Cannes (in Germany the movie will be released in late fall) critics were enthused, especially by Kristen Stewart, that La Binoche plays brilliantly goes without saying.

Juliette Binoche: Wow, you really cut your hair off.
Kristen Stewart: short, à la Binoche!
JB: Looks great on you! That’s what I thought yesterday, but we were in a hurry then ...
KS: ... because I missed my flight, I am sorry!
JB: You don’t have to apologize to me. You are the one who is stressed because of it.
KS: And now we are going to interview each other?
JB: I don’t really know who wants to read this.
KS: We just pretend to be back at Sils Maria.
JB: In green meadows, the sun is shining, the clouds are flowing round the mountain tops, we read Nietsche ...
KS: ... and get lost.
JB: We did not get lost!
KS: No, and we never went for a walk.
JB: No, we only played it. Because we are such amazingly talented actresses (both are laughing)
KS: ... and nevertheless we did get lost. You jumped ahead like a mountain goat – and I was tramping behind and whining discontentedly. But I have to confess, it was fun. At least retrospective.
JB: I liked it too. All but the drinking and smoking.
KS: Oh yeah, du really drank and smoked all the time.
JB: Don’t say it was my idea, please. The director is to blame for it. He believed I had to light a cigarette or drink secretly all the time. Because he thought old actresses would be like that.
KS: Some seem to be like that.
JB: But not me! You know exactly that’s not an accurate image of me.
KS: And yet you were doing it all the time.
JB: That’s mean! It was part of the role. And it was good for the role. Oh no, what am I saying? (laughs)
KS: I'm wondering too.
JB: No, I was wondering at the beginning because I thought, the smoking and drinking was such an old cliché, so Bogart, artists, who need their addiction and are cultivating them.
KS: ... their vice, they need to go on.
JB: Vice you say? I don’t even know the word. (laughs)
KS: (Das kann man jetzt in zwei Richtungen deuten! ) Seriously: I think that’s what’s interesting about our roles in Sils Maria. Both are letting this scantiness in their lives, both give up a lot and are finding it intriguing, although they know that they have to pay for it.
Therefore the drinking – which does not only fill the void for the actress you play but actually for a lot of real actors (...)
JB: aha
KS: I don’t drink, promised!
JB: I only wanted to tease you. (laughs) And of course you are right. My character goes through hell. She is badly off. And alcohol helps her ...
KS: ... to numb herself.
JB: Because she does not want to accept the things that happen around her and inside of her.
KS: That’s a dodgy situation: Your character Maria got famous because of her role Sigird – and is supposed to play the counterpart of the aging actress 20 years later.
JB: So the question begs to be asked: Would you, dear Kristen, play my role in 20 years?
KS: Oh I don’t know.
JB: What? You would not like to play my role?
KS: If you look at me like that I can’t deny you anything. But it would feel really strange. Maybe we can just change our bodies now and get it over with.
JB: That would be even stranger.
KS: Did I say something stupid again? I didn't mean to offend you.
JB: You didn’t!
KS: How could I think that a perfect actress like you ...
JB: You did not offend me. All is fine!
KS: That’s exactly what’s the movie about: what you think about yourself and of your roles and what the others think about you and project on you.
JB: our daily bread.
KS: Do you remember our first encounter?
JB: Of course I do. You were with the producer and some friends at the terrace of Soho House in Berlin ...
KS: ... and suddenly they said: “Juliette Binoche is on her way”
JB: I was excited to meet you!
KS: I was really nervous. When you came everybody sprang to their feet immediately and I was sitting there alone. Therefore our first encounter felt a little official. I think we instantly started talking about our characters.
JB: I remember (...) that you were shaking your leg all the time like you are doing now.
KS: That’s a tic of mine. (laughs) Besides I only arrived in Berlin briefly before.
JB: That’s right. I had a few days to get used to Berlin.
KS: I nearly died of excitement.

More from the interview:

In an excerpt, Stewart is quoted as saying, “They say it’s one movie for you and one for them. But that’s bullsh*t. They are both mine! I like doing blockbusters. I like when everybody sees what I do. I can do whatever the f*ck I want.”

Binoche tells Stewart, “Of course I Googled you. Why? I needed to know whom I am supposed to meet and play with. I did watch some interviews of yours and instantly decided that I like you.”

“I also watched On The Road – and skipped Twilight. Although I have to admit that the first time I ever saw you was on my daughter’s walls,” says Binoche. “I remember walking into her room thinking: So what the hell is this about?”

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