Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jenny Lewis talks about working on the music video for 'Just One of the Guys' (2 interviews)

Jenny Lewis mentions working on the 'Just One of the Guys' video at 12:16m.

Jenny Lewis: "They were so cool and I didn't even have to pay them...They did it for free...They were pretty easy to direct...i have so much respect for them as actors. I gave them one or two takes and they just knew what exactly to do..."

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If you didn’t know, Jenny was actually an actress before she was a musician. That might have something to do with how she directed her last music video and had super-celebs Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart dress up as males for her lead single “Just One Of The Guys”. “I was so lucky that they trusted me as a first time director, and I think they really connected with the lyrics in the song, because we all go that and we’ve all been criticized and scrutinized publically, so it was a really fun opportunity to poke fun of it but also speak to the underlying theme in the song” said Jenny.

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