Saturday, September 12, 2015

Video: Nicholas Hoult and Drake Doremus interview with The Wrap

“It ended up being a very intimate shoot,” the actor tells TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider about his sci-fi indie at the Toronto Film Festival

In director Drake Doremus‘ sci-fi indie “Equals,” Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart grow up in a world that has been purged of all human emotion.

“There’s no greed, there’s no love, there’s no poverty,” Doremus explained to TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider at the Toronto Film Festival.

So the stakes are definitely heightened when Hoult and Stewart’s characters start to feel the first twinges of romance.

For Hoult, the dystopian setting and the performance-based script by Nathan Parker proved compelling. “It ended up being a very intimate shoot,” he said. “It was a safe environment to be, to be vulnerable.”

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