Wednesday, September 9, 2015

'Camp X-Ray' co-star Marco Khan mentions Kristen

-In one of your latest movies, Camp X-Ray, you appear with the ‘Twilight” star, Kristen Stewart. What can you say about her? How it was to work with Kristen?

Kristen was a joy to work with. Such a professional! During the film I had to fight with her and SPIT on her face. Originally I couldn't do it and kept spitting on her uniform! But the story/ script said I had to spit on her face! She pulled me to the side after I told her and the director "I've never spat on anyone's face before not mentioning a young girl that could be my daughters age if I had one!" after she pulled me to aside and said , "It has to be done! I want you to do it!" After doing it right, I went to her and apologized and hugged her saying " I'm sorry!" Later at the wrap party she told me "Give me your address I want to send you a thank you package!" I would work with her anytime again.


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