Monday, September 14, 2015

Video: Kristen's interview with E Online on the 'Equals' red carpet at TIFF

Kristen Stewart is anything but stoic.

In fact, she says when it comes to emotions, she's "unabashedly raw.

"I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve," Stewart told me at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her indie drama Equals. "Sometimes that provides a little bit of a tougher road, but for me it's definitely more preferable."

Why all this talk about feelings?

In Equals, Stewart and Nicholas Hoult costar as two people who live in world where humans are stripped of their ability to have emotions. Things get complicated when Stewart and Hoult discover they have a disease that allows them to feel.

Stewart admitted she thought about her "first love" when making the movie because her and Hoult's characters are not only feeling for the first time, but they also fall in love.

She said shooting the film was "definitely" cathartic. "It's first love," Stewart said. "It's such a grand look at awakening. You take every first you ever had and you bottle it up in a moment and the devastating effect is something like anyone who has fallen in love at a young age has felt."

"Of course" it wasn't always easy revisiting her past, Stewart said. "But that's the whole deal, man...The work that I'm most interested in, it always comes from a real place."

She added, "Unless my heart is not in it, I don't understand why we're there. Every day that's led up to this day has made me who I am...Everything I have, I have put into this movie."
And then she cracked, "Read into that what you will!"

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