Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nicholas Hoult talks 'Equals' & mentions Kristen with THR

How did you capture the intensity of your character onscreen?

Honestly for me it was working with Drake and Kristen. It was a very calm and very intimate set. And John [Guleserian] our DP was phenomenal and all the crew in a way of making it feel like they weren't there. So there's that thing of we'd keep rolling, so you wouldn’t have people coming in and doing touches. A lot of the time when you're working on films it’s like, ‘So the camera's going to move here, you're going to do this, there's going to be a beep, explosion over there, and then you say your line.’ It's a dance where everyone's working together to make that happen. Whereas with this, there was a thing of ‘OK, we kind of know what the scene is but feel it and don't do something until you feel it.’

There’s a real freedom and then hopefully honesty that comes with that where you're not doing something for the sake of it because it says so in the script. You're doing it because that's what you felt at that moment.


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