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Quotes from Kristen + Rob & Taylor mentions in Cinemania (Mexico)

The end of an era

We’ve seen them mature in front of cameras and our eyes, becoming grown up actors with a promising career. Stewart was only 18 when she played the insecure and in love Bella for the first time. Lautner was only 16 and had to get in shape with the possibility of a new actor replacing him for New Moon, and Pattinson was only an English actor that we saw dying in the fourth Harry Potter film. After four years and five movies, these guys agree in a lot of things: this franchise has changed their lives. They also admit to having a certain sadness because of never returning to that universe. The non-stop filming of both Breaking Dawn releases, for seven long months in Vancouver, were too long and tiring for the actors.

“If they told me tomorrow that we had to film new scenes, I’d be really happy. I’d start vibrating with excitement, because I enjoy playing this character,” Stewart explained to us about the bittersweet end that is approaching.

The actress also added that in reality, she hasn’t had to say goodbye to Bella, because all the characters she plays stay with her after she’s done portraying them, “I’ve taken all I needed from her and now this stage is over. This project has been something very special, it lasted a long time, it’s been very indulging and wonderful, although at the same time we were all rushing, not to be done with it, but to complete the experience. Now that we’ve made it, I like looking at it from a distance.”

Lautner, aware of the end of this very long and meaningful stage in his career, was sure to enjoy every single last moment on set, “I remember that the final date was approaching. There were three weeks of shooting left and I said to myself: ‘Now is when I should start soaking in every moment, because I know that when we’re done I’m going to want to turn back time and start this again.’ I’m very happy I did.” He confessed.

For him, there was an especially memorable instant during Breaking Dawn filming, “The most exciting scene to me was the dance with Bella, after the wedding, it’s on Part 1. It was the last thing I filmed in the entire franchise. It was a unique moment, but at the same time it was a tough scene on Jacob, it’s when he has to say goodbye to Bella,” he told, and admitted that the end of this saga allowed him to do something he’d been wanting to for a while, “When a movie ends, you need to take a week to sleep and not do anything. It’s fun because, after this week you thing: ‘Stop. I need to get back to work.’”

Pattinson’s words are probably more enticing to saddened fans of the saga, the actor wanted us to know that this isn’t really the end of the Twilight era, “I see the Harry Potter series and nobody is behaving like it’s over. Everybody looks at the cast the same way. I don’t think it affects in any way. It’ll take years for things to calm down or you need to do something more definitive after this to show the direction you want to take.”

The secret of success

For Meyer, the reason why these stories she wrote and these movies have become a worldwide phenomenon is still a mystery, and she assures to be surprised by it all the time.

Lautner is convinced the writer is too humble, “I never know how to answer that question, but all the merit is to the books and the characters she created. That’s where it all started. It’s a huge honor to be in the situation that allows me to bring them to life. The characters in the books are what made fans fall in love. I have no idea why they feel so identified with them, but I know that’s where it all started.”

Her cast made dared to go in deeper in this subject, indentifying the shared experience that she supposes is part of the key to success in this franchise, “I’ve been obsessed over it and it’s been a very personal experience. There are other people who are into the same things as me and we share that energy. It’s contagious. If you like something, and you can share it with your friends, you like it even more.” Stewart told us.

Sentimental value set

Lautner and Stewart couldn’t hide this from us, they didn’t want to leave Vancouver without stealing a memoir of their days while shooting. Lautner kept the last clothes he used in Breaking Dawn, but he admitted that he would’ve liked to keep the motorcycle.

Stewart was more ambitious than the werewolf, taking various objects, “I kept the wedding ring and some bracelets. Actually, all of Bella’s jewelry. I also have some clothes, at the end of every film I go: ‘I want this, I want that’. I have the jacket from the first film, the one she takes to school: the brown one. It’s fun because it’s something I’d wear, but it actually doesn’t zip up because it’s a prop.” The actress also shared that she’ll also miss the Vancouver air and that especial connection connection she’ll always have with the crew.

Pattinson was the only one that didn’t claim possessions from his character; he’s convinced that Edwards wedding ring should be found on sale on Ebay right now. The actor talked to us about other, maybe less sentimental, things that he’ll miss now that his days filming the vampire saga are over, “There’s this incredibly good place to eat shawarmas in Vancouver, it’s one of the best in the world, which is very strange because it’s in Vancouver. The worst part is I don’t even know where it is, it was always other people that bought them [laughs]. But I really liked it, and also the fried chicken you got on the hotel’s room service [laughs].”

Final notes

For Stewart, there’s a clear reason why she should not be sad over the end of the story: Edward and Bella have finally found happiness and a way to be together, “I don’t want anything else to happen to them, please, leave them in peace. At the end of the film we get to a point that is so satisfactory, it makes you feel really good,” the actress previewed. “I don’t want this to sound arrogant, but we do really cool things with this ending. I think Bill [Condon] was the perfect person to direct this fourth book. The audience expects something very emotional with this ending and I’ve watched it four times, I can tell you that I’ve cried every time.”

Maybe Pattinson’s right, maybe this isn’t the end of an era for the actors of this franchise, but they all have to prove whether they’re in Hollywood to stay, if within a few years these titles will just be one more in their filmography, or whether the adventures of Bella, Edward and Jacob will define their careers forever. Only time has the answer.

Rob Mentions Kristen:

We’ve seen Kristen Stewart reach certain prime professionally, precisely because of this system. Have you become braver and have you been taking more risks by her side?

A lot more. I remember when they sent me the script for ‘Cosmopolis’, we were about to start filming ‘Breaking Dawn’ and I asked everyone whether I should accept it. I knew I liked it, but strangely I didn’t know what to do. I asked Kristen to read the script and she told me: “What the hell are you talking about? You have to do this! It’s Cronenberg!” [laughs]. That influenced my decisions, of course. Kristen is living proof that you can be successful only doing things that she finds specifically interesting. She never makes decisions thinking about her career and it’s something that works more and more as time passes. It’s good that this method works for someone.

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