Friday, October 19, 2012

MacKenzie Foy mentions Kristen

Q: What was your first time meeting, Taylor, Kristen and Rob like?

M: Well I met Kristen and Rob in the hair and make up trailer, and I think the first time I
met Taylor was… in the first scene actually.

Q: When you wrapped up did they show up for your last scene?

M: Yeah, it was just me and Kristen.

Q: You were the final two?

M: Yes.

Q: But the rest of the crew probably showed up right? "That's a wrap on Mackenzie"!

M: The crew was there and the visual effects guy and all that stuff, because it had to do
with the wolves. All the other cast, they weren't wrapped yet, they just had the day off so it
was just me and Kristen. It was nice.

Read MacKenzie's full interview at Twilightish
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