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Kristen & Nicolas Ghesquiére's interview with Vanity Fair (Italy)

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I’ve never seen a muse so into her role and an artist so inspired. The dangerous relationship between Kristen Stewart and Nicolas Ghesquiére, started for pure interest, as often happens between an Hollywood actress and a successful designer.. “it could have left no trace on me, instead it changed my life”, Kristen tells to Vanity Fair, in a suite at the Bristol Hotel in Paris, looking at Nicolas.

How did you meet each other?

K: I accepted this collaboration, following my instinct, as I always do. Then he got me involved completely. I forgot that I was american, 22, and I found another world and culture; I started dreaming and I felt my body changing: I was becoming a real woman, in the capable hands of someone that guided me.

N: I didn’t want to do a “masquerade”, I wanted her, flesh and blood, with all the emotional baggage that I could get from her. I wanted her to be a “femme” and bold in her choices.

Kristen Stewart succeeded to Charlotte Gainsbourg, as “égérie” of the Balenciaga fragrances. Why do you always choose these kind of women, with an unconventional femininity, slim and without the conventionally classic body?

N: Charlotte and Kristen are perfect for my creations, powerful muses that aren’t afraid of anything.

K: It’s true that I’m not a safe-kind of girl, nor constant and certainly I don’t like to take the easy way. I like challenges that create the right energy for perfect interactions. I’m pathologically curious, I’m attracted to anything that is different.

In what is different Nicolas?

K: I grew up in a simple family, while he was born with that “elegance” that has always been part of him. Through our collaboration, I learned many things about my seduction power and more importantly about the importance of the right fragrance or dress, to point out certain parts of myself.

and you Nicolas, what about Kristen attracted you the most?

N: A creator is like a prince charming, in perpetual search of his dream princess, that is able to inspire his creative fantasies. Kristen was perfect for it. I created Florabotanica for her and her presence was essential for many other creative processes.

What did this experience leave you?

K: I considered Florabotanica kind of a passport for the adulthood, where women can seduce for real.

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