Monday, October 22, 2012

Latin American 15a20 Interview with Kristen for Breaking Dawn

Kristen is wearing jeans, white tee, and brown jacket and her famous wild hair.

Is being a vampire everything you thought and more?
I waited so long to do this! Nobody else got to analyze their characters as human beings first, and then vampires, which has everything to do with what you'll be as a vampire. Everything that makes you great is amplified once you become a vampire. People have seen Bella going through her normal progress of life. But then all of a sudden, in reality she herself realizes, she's transformed into a  fantastic version of who she was but at the same time she's like a baby. She doesn't know how to use her powers. It was fun molding her without being dominated by fear.

What about the physical aspect of this role? Did you get to do something you hadn't done before?
Yes, wires. There's a scene in which I hunt a mountain lion. I was thrown from a platform into a foam mat with the help of wires. They wanted me to attack the lion and look fierce, but the first few takes I was screaming because you feel like your stomach is flying out of your body through your mouth. I used to watch everyone else before and be all "Come on, do it!" but after five takes it actually became fun (laughs). She's the best vampire. After having a baby there is nothing more stable than the nature of being a mother, there's nothing more ferocious and aggressive. It's a mix of both things, but I tell you, that feeling of your stomach flying out of your mouth is not easy.

Were you scared?
Never! (she says clearing her throeat.)

Were you ever afraid that something could happen to you while filming these stunts?
Fear is a good thing. Some people use themselves as tools, and they have great self-control. After that they can look back on their own feats, and I'm always like "I don't know what just happened." Getting nervous for is great for me, it pushes me.

Have your fears changed?
You have to be ok with your own fears. If you're an honest person you'll make mistakes, but it'll be okay. The most interesting things happen making mistakes.

Have you had time to reflect on these four years?
They're over, but at the same time it's not the end yet.

What will you miss about Bella?
I'm taking her with me. I won't miss her. I don't feel like I have to come back and do something for her. I've taken everything from her, but her load is not on me anymore. It sounds weird  bu I feel close to all the characters I've played.

Is vampire Bella role model for girls?
Generally, yes, of course. She's honest, she goes against what's been set for her. I know people criticize her because of certain aspects of how she rejected parts of herself for a man, but that's ridiculous. This relationship is equal. You need to be a very strong person to get where she is, and realizing that even if you don't make it, it's worth the try. Even if BD2 didn't happen, Bella is the kind of person who would've done everything in the exact saw way anyway.

Do you think love changes with time?
I think it depends. It's different for everyone. People are capable of living in different ways.

Translation thanks to Twilight Poison :)

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