Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mackenzie Foy mentions Kristen (Teen)

Teen: What was it like the first time you met Rob, Kristen and Taylor?

Mackenzie: The first time I met Rob and Kristen, I was in the hair and makeup trailer for my wig fitting and I don’t remember what they were doing — I think they were getting their hair done or something — and I just said, “Hi, my name’s Mackenzie.” I met Taylor on the first day I got to be on camera, and we were doing some scene together. He said “Hi.”

Teen: Off-camera, what were some of your favorite moments with the cast?

Mackenzie: I went hiking with Kristen and that was really fun. And me and Taylor we were all playing games and my mom showed ['em] something on her iPhone and they were playing that forever. It was really funny.

Teen: Robert said you got a lot of money from the cast for swearing around you…

Mackenzie: Well, I started hearing some oopsies around set and I decided that I should start a swear jar. It’s just like a little container with stickers on it.

Teen: And you just told them this is something they had to do or…?

Mackenzie: Actually, they all wanted to do it because they have a problem. They need some help.

Teen: Who was the biggest culprit?

Mackenzie: I’m not gonna say!

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  1. Kristen is so sweet. I find it fascinating that she took the child to a hike.


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