Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kristen on the cover of 'Miss' magazine (Austria)

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Kristen Stewart already arrives at the interview, dressed casually. She wears black skinny jeans, black bootzs and a white shirt and is in a fantastic mood (...)

Miss: Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?

KS: I read parts of it, why?

Miss: Did you know that the book is based on your Twilight character? Would you play the part if it was made into a movie?

KS: Erm, (laughs) as of now nobody has called me yet to offer the part to me.

Miss: Maybe your agent tries to protect you and just didn‘t pick up.

KS: No, probably not (laughs). But if they told me something like that it‘d be hilarious.

Miss: But your current movie, On the Road is pretty racy as well.

KS: Yeah but I haven‘t even read all of FSOG and the part is much sought after. So I don‘t know...

Miss: Do you think you‘d be brave enough to take on a role like that?

KS: Tough question. I‘ve read some really heavy parts (laughs) and I couldn‘t believe it. I see people read it on subways or something and I just think „Dude, you‘re in public. Please!“ (laughs) But normally I‘m ballsy when it comes to taking on tough parts. It just depends on the right story.

Miss: Which role would you like to play after your current movie?

KS: To look at the future is hard. Sometimes you read a script and you‘re totally moved by it and sometimes you even discover new parts of yourself while reading it, that you then want to play out as an actor.

Miss: You and your colleagues, you all became big stars with the first part of Twilight. Are you treated differently on sets today than you used to be?

KS: Near the end of the Twilight movies I thought that people didn‘t really talk to us anymore which I found weird. It was as if someone had said, „Just let those people be. If there‘s no reason to talk to them, then don‘t do it.“ I hate that. I don‘t want to be protected by anyone, I‘m fine, thank you. Quite the contrary, it‘s terrible to be so isolated and everyone thinks that that‘s what I wanted.

Miss: Is it important for you to stay normal and grounded?

KS: No. I love to sit around alone all day. (laughs) My god, of course not.

Miss: Are you scared that everyone is always gonna measure you against your role as Bella?

KS: The people are always going to talk about the fact that I got super-duper famous with Twilight. And if those, that love the vampire books have problems with seeing me in other roles than that‘s actually the ultimate compliment. I can now choose the challenges I want to take on as an actress myself, which is pretty awesome. If it wasn‘t like that I‘d be pretty pissed.

Miss: Twilight definitely ends with Breaking Dawn Part 2. When you look back, which scene touched you the most?

KS: Oh, during the whole shoots there were so many. Bella nearly lived a whole life during those 4-5 years. There were a lot of challenges.

Miss: Did you steal any tokens from set? Maybe some drawing pins?

KS: No, I didn‘t take those but I did take her rings, all the bracelets and the wedding ring. Although I think I have the wrong one. Someone else must‘ve taken the real one and it‘s not in some bag, like a big, fat diamond.

Miss: What, that - now that you‘re famous and have a lot of crazy fans - you can‘t really do anymore these days, do you miss most? 

KS: I get recognized everywhere, even in the most remote areas of the world. Even if I was at the bottom of an ocean, a camera would appear behind some shell. So I definitely miss that the most. To do whatever I want without anyone watching me.

Scan & translation thanks to @RKbubbles :)

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