Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Melissa McCarthy mentions Kristen on SNL with THR

Melissa McCarthy, Guest Star: Back in February, I was on a plane with Kristen [Stewart] — she was coming out to host SNL; I was coming out to shoot a movie. She has a reputation for not loving to be interviewed, which I think becomes very funny, so I shamelessly pitched her [this monologue idea where she's] doing the worst opening ever.

Kent Sublette, Writer: That was around the time of Sean Spicer's first couple of press briefings, and they were just so insane. It was a Tuesday, and one of our producers, Erik Kenward, told me that Melissa had flown out with our host and had a monologue idea. That's when I just blurted out, "Melissa should play Spicer."


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