Monday, May 22, 2017

Kristen's interview with Repubblica (Italy) at Cannes

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Kristen, the theme of ocean-going existence is a reminder of her own life? 
"It is what we all feel when we feel separated from the others, but I was not afraid to confront the issue of separation and alienation, even of my own separations ... I wanted to translate an inner process into images."

What is the protagonist? 
"The awakening, I would say, inner life does not reflect daily interaction, what you can not communicate and that is a normal thing, and one day you feel so saturated that it looks like you're trying to walk underwater; You can breathe, but two inches further and breathe, and we're all the same. And you say, but I'm sure I'm able to live among you. "

What did she want to communicate with Come Swim ? 
"My desire to expand, I was fixed on the image of an outcast, isolated male who celebrates his isolation and sleeps on the bottom of the ocean. There is rubbish at the bottom of the ocean, I have seen images of that whole Dirt that makes me turn the stomach.I remember the image of a chair down there, and I put it in my short film on a mattress, yes, there is also ecology. "

"We are subject to water in every way - she adds - we need to survive, and yet he is stronger than us. The idea behind the movie is that the only way to stand up is to surrender to something you can not win I am a maniac of control and I personally hate water, I do not like the beach, I'm claustrophobic, so for me it made sense for someone who has lost the ability to be normal, as the protagonist of my movie, To be immersed in an epic state of submission, if it fights it. "

Why does this look "hard"? 
"Because inside I feel very delicate, very feminine, and I wanted to play with contrasts."

"Trying to look harder and more aggressive has opened my mind, but I also want to say that my next project, JT Leroy , about a young man who pretends to be a transgender writer named JT Leroy, Asking for various wigs to wear, so it was worth getting to almost zero and oxygenate me. "

You meanwhile are making the Underwater thriller: a coincidence? 
"Again underwater, true, but surely it's a coincidence. We are turning in chronological order, and it's a movie that really is getting rid of me, since I have to run scenes underwater, dressed in mud and cylinders weighing 50 pounds, I'm destroyed ... It's the story of a submarine research lab threatened by an earthquake. It's an all-action movie, very male, but that's where I discovered the female side of the character inside me. "

And then, what will she do? 
"I'm writing, and I'm looking for a movie to run as a director, but it's not easy. I liked the short film experience because there is no form, you do not have to entertain in a standard way, which allows you to incorporate the visual story To the esoteric spirit and the emotion.If you have an hour and a half or more time you have to start a start, a half, and a end, and the length of the narrative structure is short: a short no. With a music video: you can do and experiment with anything, but I'm exploring the idea of ​​stretching short to a movie, seeing my character when he wakes up, follow him. "

"It's always an unpredictable Russian mountain: you never know what's waiting for you, so I like it."

Her relationship with Chanel? 
"Every time I go to Paris is like finding myself in the family on Thanksgiving: Everyone loves you and they're coming, and everyone wants to know everything about you. I really admire the creativity of their team -" Hold the bag on the ground, okay, Click, done! "- and I aspire to that same endless creativity."

Or read the original article in Italian at the source here.

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