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Kristen in Exile & Gisele Magazines (Japan) - HQ Scans + Exile Interview


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Excerpt from Kristen's interview in the magazine "Gekkan EXILE" Feb. 2013 issue *Gekkan=monthly

Do you remember the first day you met Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson?

“Of course. It’s not very common to remember the first impression of the person, but I do remember what it was like for those two. They are very special. 
I met Taylor first. He was very young at that time. He seemed so young that I felt like I should protect him. This might sound presumptuous since now I feel there's not much age gap between us, but back then, I felt that way. Just being with him will make you smile… he was just like Jacob. I felt really comfortable around him from the start. It felt like I’ve known him for a long time.
I met Rob for the first time at the audition. On that day, four guys auditioned (for Edward). I felt the chemistry the moment Rob came in. The chemistry can be built between two professional actors, so it not really necessary from the start. But we already had it there. I had no authority to decide the role, but I had no doubt that ‘he was the one.’ I even wrote his name on the script.”

So it was a fateful encounter…

“He had a charm that attracted everyone. The others were also talented but they were trying too hard which made their attractiveness cut in half. Rob didn't act overeagerly, and was not driven by vanity. He was perfect. ”

I've heard that you and Rob watched ‘Last Tango in Paris’ together as part of preparation for the role in Twilight.

“It was while we were doing rehearsals for the first movie. We thought the unique relationship between Edward and Bella was sort of like the one in ‘Last Tango in Paris.’ The dependent, masochistic relationship in the movie is an extreme example, but we referred to it as we tried to grasp Edward and Bella’s relationship.”

How was it like to finally get to play a vampire for the first time in the 5th movie?

“Bella has strengthened her maternity when she turned into a vampire. She became a cool vampire with a mix of maternal instinct, an instinct that belongs to every woman, and a wild aggressive nature of a vampire. The newborn Bella is the strongest vampire. ”

Did you get to bond with Mackenzie Foy?

“She was like a little sister to me. Mackenzie is a very talented actress. It was fun working with her. Plus, playing a mother was not that out of touch with reality for me.”

Do you wish to become a mother someday?

“I’ve got the maternal instinct, so I do have a wish to become a mom. I don’t want to pressure myself and it’s not like I want kids right away, right now, but I can’t wait to see my own child someday.”

Do you have any other wish?

“I’d like to travel more. I really love eating. I want to travel privately and not for work. I want to play with my dogs, write a novel…. The list is endless… ”

How did you feel when you were listed No.1 in the Forbes' list of the highest-paid actresses?? You've beaten Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock.

“What matters to me is to recognize what I really want and to keep challenging myself for it. The result doesn't matter. It’s silly to care about the ranks. You only live once, so you should just keep going.”


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